Hosting a Pop-up Circle

Download Resources

Facilitation Guide for Hosts
Participant Workbook
Pop-up Circle Training Deck

Organization Guides

These materials give you everything your group will need to:

  • Discuss and decide on the values that inspire your giving
  • Discover great organizations to consider supporting
  • Pitch those organizations to each other
  • Vote together on which one(s) to support
Send Invites

Ask friends, family, co-workers, fellow alumni of a program or university, neighbors…anyone who wants to do some good in the world in an evening of smart, focused and fun giving.

Choose Location

Find a place to get together – someone's living room, a local café or bar, the nearest Moishe House, an office meeting room… wherever is most conducive to gathering, talking, and having a great time.

Decide Contribution Level

Decide how much people will contribute – give-what-you-can or a set amount ($18, $50, $100, $180)…whatever works best for your group.

Host Event!

Have a great time, and don't forget to take a great photo and tag it #PopupCircle on social media!

Print and use the Pop-up Circle document to guide your group through the 90-minute process, step by step.

Share Back

Add your event to the growing list of all Pop-up Circle experiences happening around the world by filling out our quick post-event survey.

  • Upload a picture of your gathering - and share it on social media, copying us at @AmplifierGiving and tagging #PopupCircle.
  • Share details on how many people came, how much money they contributed, and where the group decided to give.

Post-event Survey

Pop-up Circle is a 90-minute version of the whole giving circle experience.

It's a great way to get a taste for how a giving circle works, with minimal prep work. If you are interested in starting a full-scale giving circle after your pop-up experience, we'd be happy to help.

Find out more about the full giving circle experience

Are you ready to take your giving circle from idea to reality?

Our Jewish Giving Circle Incubator will help you bring your giving circle to life. Whether you're 23 or 73, interested in social justice or Jewish innovation, and ready to give $50 or $10,000, we want you to join the Incubator. Apply today!

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