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New Giving Circles Incubated by Amplifier Distribute $75,555.00 in 2014

As we were still in the dreaming stages of Amplifier in January 2014 – before we had a name, before we even knew what the contours of the initiative ...

The Challah for Hunger Alumni Giving Circle: Philanthropy beyond the college campus

"Double the 'c', double the 's', and you will always have 'success.'" My first grade teacher taught me this saying. This mnemonic device stuck with me because it was ...

Empowered Philanthropy

At Natan, the giving circle I’ve helped to lead for over a decade, we’ve seen how transformative the giving circle experience is for members – and how powerful a ...

Giving Circles – and Amplifier! – in the News

We’re excited to share some recent press coverage about giving circles. We’re constantly inspired by the work giving circles do – not just the grants they make, but the ...

Welcome to Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of, a new online hub for Jewish Giving Circles worldwide!

Are you ready to take your giving circle from idea to reality?

Our Jewish Giving Circle Incubator will help you bring your giving circle to life. Whether you're 23 or 73, interested in social justice or Jewish innovation, and ready to give $50 or $10,000, we want you to join the Incubator. Apply today!

Applications are open until July 31st.

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