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New Leadership at Amplifier

We are excited to let you know that Elizabeth Fisher will join our team as CEO on January 29, 2019.

Since our launch in 2014, AmLiz Fischer headshotplifier has helped start 111 giving circles, providing resources and training to ignite new circles to engage givers of all levels to create impact in their communities. Currently, the 125 active giving circles in our network engage more than 4,000 members, giving away millions of dollars each year. Amplifier has also run over 50 pop-up giving circles and provided resources for anyone to be able to do the same. These pop-ups have introduced thousands of people to the concept of values-driven collective giving.

Amplifier is at a pivotal moment in its development. Giving circles are attracting new interest and attention throughout the world. Our work in Jewish communities has begun to snowball as organizations create multiple giving circles to address a wide variety of philanthropic and programmatic needs. Simultaneously, Amplifier is playing a core leadership role in the broader American giving circle movement, working with other American giving circle networks to grow and sustain giving circles of all types nationwide. Amplifier’s Advisory Board and staff is confident that Liz’s background and experience provide the leadership that Amplifier needs for this moment of growth.

Liz comes to Amplifier from Repair the World, where she led the organization’s expansion, fundraising, communications, and operations. During her time at Repair the World, the organization grew from 5 to 8 cities and launched several major national digital campaigns. Liz began her career in grassroots community development with University of Missouri Extension and has worked at NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, UJA-Federation of New York, and The Jewish Education Project. While at UJA-Federation of New York, Liz served as the professional staff for two giving circles, including one that she launched. Liz lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Jeremy Brown, and two children.

Liz succeeds Joelle Asaro Berman, who joined the team in 2015 as Amplifier's first Program Director and became Executive Director in January 2017. During her tenure at Amplifier, Joelle achieved many milestones, including launching Amplifier's signature programs, which continue today.

Liz writes: “I’ve had the opportunity to observe the growth of Amplifier as an organizational partner, and I am moved by the power of giving circles to enable people to build deep relationships and act on their values. I’m grateful to Joelle Asaro Berman, and I’m thrilled to be working with the incredible team - staff, board, coaches, volunteers - that Joelle and Felicia Herman built. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you as we build the next stage of Amplifier together.”

Liz will be officially joining the Amplifier team on January 29, and she is available now at [email protected]. Please give her a warm welcome to the Amplifier community!


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