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Welcome to Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement

We’re thrilled to welcome you to AmplifierGiving.org, a new online hub for the growing global movement of Jewish giving circles - groups of people who come together to give together, inspired by Jewish values and motivated to support causes and changemakers all over the world.


The Amplifier website, which officially launched in September 2014, is an exciting milestone in our journey to create a global Jewish giving circle movement. 

Natan, the organization powering Amplifier, has been growing our own giving circle for over a decade. About a year ago, we decided we wanted to amplify our own impact by strengthening and expanding the field of Jewish giving circles - making it as simple as possible for anyone to start up a giving circle, regardless of how much money they have give or what sorts of organizations they want to support... and then connecting them to other giving circles and to great organizations in need of support.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to create something that would help real, impassioned, generous, interested, curious, and busy people create extraordinary experiences that could have real impact.  With incredible guidance from a strategy team at GOOD/Corps, we embarked on a co-design process to build Amplifier.  We asked folks on the front lines – from people creating their first giving circles to leaders across the fields of philanthropy and Jewish nonprofits – for their input.  What would be most useful to you?  What excites you the most about giving circles?  What holds you back from starting or growing one?  Then we worked alongside these partners to imagine and build the tools and resources you’ll find at AmplifierGiving.org and in our in-person support and training programs.

giving circle

Whether you’re new to giving circles or a seasoned veteran, whether you’re a nonprofit seeking funding or considering starting your own giving circle, or if you’re simply a person hoping to make a difference alongside friends, we hope you’ll find valuable resources at AmplifierGiving.org to help you on your journey.  For example...

  • A community of thousands, growing every day - givers in dozens of circles and more than 200 nonprofits working across a wide range of issues around the world;
  • Searchable directories of Jewish giving circles and all sorts of nonprofits;
  • A dynamic marketplace of live grant opportunities and common grant applications;
  • A growing Resource Library with both short and long introductions to the giving circle experience, case studies showcasing different types of circles, info on grantmaking best practices, Jewish wisdom on giving, sample recruitment & grantmaking documents, and guides to fun giving circle workshops and critical group conversations;
  • Tools to help you run your own giving circle, from scheduling meetings to reviewing and voting on grant applications;
  • ...and much more!
Most of all, we hope the giving circle experience helps you build a community of friends, family, and colleagues engaging together in the rich, rewarding, and fun practice of changing the world through giving.

giving circle

We couldn’t have built any of this without the help of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, which provided the pilot grant to get Amplifier off the ground.  We’re extremely grateful to the foundation and inspired by the words of its chair, Lynn Schusterman:

Lynn Schusterman

Giving circles are for everyone.  They inspire people at all levels of giving to come together with a community of friends or family, and wrestle with how to bring Jewish wisdom to bear on contemporary issues of all kinds.  We are investing in Amplifier because we believe that giving circles can be a powerful pathway for engaging with Jewish life and values, as well as for ensuring a vibrant future for Jewish philanthropy.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.  Reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know how we can help you start or sustain your giving circle, whether you’re an individual or an organization.  And if you’re an organization seeking funding, make sure to register on the site to fill out a Common Grant Application.   

Welcome to Amplifier - the future of giving!


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