Repair the World NYC & Avodah Racial Justice Giving Circle

Volunteering is one way to give back. Philanthropy is another one. Join Repair the World NYC's Giving Circle to explores multiple pathways to service.

Members: 1
Giving: $600 Annually
Member Contribution: $5 - $100

About Repair the World NYC & Avodah Racial Justice Giving Circle

Have you noticed something isn't right in America? Have you read the headlines about racial inequality in this country but don't know what to do about it? Repair the World NYC is starting a Giving Circle inspired by Jewish values for allies to explore and support the fight for racial justice in America. The Circle will volunteer together at local non-profits to see how racial inequality plays out in the streets of Central Brooklyn and use those experiences as an inspiration to fund organizations that the group believes will make a difference and create change nation-wide.

Our Focus Area Components Include:

  • Serves Women
  • Serves People of Color
  • Run by People of Color
  • Focuses on Black Lives Matter, Criminal Justice, Policing, Housing, and/or gentrification
  • Uses a Mixed Methodology (Combined Direct Service and Organizing/Advocacy), Preference for "upstream"
  • Focuses in Brooklyn and/or NYC
  • Uses an Innovative/Unique Approach

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