Olive Branch Giving Circles

The Olive Branch Giving Circles creates local interfaith communities dedicated to pro-solution philanthropy addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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About Olive Branch Giving Circles

The Olive Branch offers a model for dialogue and action, providing Jews, Christians and Muslims the chance to meet, study shared values, and work toward a common vision. In a constructive and supportive environment, participants learn about each other, create the basis for relationship-building and talk about charged issues in a proactive and positive atmosphere. In the course of conversations, participants can learn from each other and brainstorm ways to jointly support Israel and Palestine, establishing an interreligious voice for peace.

At the conclusion of the process, the group will support activists working for peace and understanding in Israel and Palestine.

A pilot giving circle was conducted January - May 2016 with 15 participants - five from each of the Abrahamic traditions. This model provides interfaith participants in a given local community the opportunity to explore several topics, including: (1) creating a container for relational dialogue; (2) introduction to the three Abrahamic religions and their approach to philanthropy and community; (3) sharing personal narratives around the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; (4) exploration of strategies for promoting a shared vision for pro-solution efforts and (5) experience collective grant-making.

After 6 group meetings, and several smaller sessions, the pilot raised and allocated $7000 to two organizations building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians: The Parents Circle and Roots.

We completed a model an evaluation of the pilot and considering next steps.

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