Senesh Lower School Giving Circle

For Senesh LowerSchool parent who are galvanized by collaborative decision-making, looking to spend some time with a group learning about Senesh‘sbudget, and interested in deciding as a groupwhere to direct your philanthropic dollars?

Members: 1
Giving: $0
Member Contribution: $1,000 - $5,000

About Senesh Lower School Giving Circle

With the Senesh Giving Circle you will: 

Get to know other parents who care deeply about Senesh and their giving.

Understand Senesh’s financial structure from the inside, and collectively direct your contributions to projects that most align with the group’s values.

Learn Jewish wisdom about giving from Senesh teachers, and bring your own values and philanthropic lens to the group’s giving.

Spend time with board members who have helped to build our treasured community. 

Make history as a member of the first giving circle in a day school - piloting a model that other schools can use.

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