Wednesday Night Dinner

We seek to deepen our friendship with one another by sharing our values, talking about money, pooling our finances and amplifying our community impact.

Members: 8
Giving: $1,000 Semi-Annually
Member Contribution: $100 - $500

About Wednesday Night Dinner

It started with Wednesday night dinners--8 couples that got together every Wednesday night for dinner. As many in the group started having babies, we all found ourselves pitching in $10 or $20 regularly for a new birthday gift. As the number of children started to grow the amount of money spent on birthday presents grew as well. The women of the group decided it was important to be able to talk about money together and that led to us really thinking about our impact and what we are teaching our children. From here we started the giving circle as a way to get together, discuss our values, learn about interesting opportunities to make a difference, and ultimately make a larger gift than any one of us could do individually.

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