Brooklyn Judaean Kibbutz

We as a group have been brought together by Young Judaea and we envision a world more closely aligned to the values we learned there and beyond: Pluralism, Justice, welcoming the stranger, and the responsibility to act.

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About Brooklyn Judaean Kibbutz

This circle is populated by a group of friends who grew up together in Young Judaea and/or went on Year Course, and their spouses who now live in the New York area. Young Judaea's permeating belief of self-led and peer-inspired action has fortified our paths throughout our careers and personal lives. Synthesizing our American, Jewish, and Israel-infused heritages, we seek to actualize the inextinguishable optimism that binds those identities together through collective action. We strive to meet periodically and regularly to strengthen our mutual bonds by better understandings how each of us looks to bridge the gap between the world as is and the world as it should be, and identifying the common overlap, act together as a micro-community.

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