ReJews Recycling

ReJews promotes the fundraising efforts and general awareness of Chosen Organizations to help spread recycling initiatives, and to support the success of sustainability and social entrepreneurship programs in schools, synagogues, community centers, restaurants, businesses, and offices.

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About ReJews Recycling

With the support from Google, GoDaddy, Blue Moon, the UN, YouTube, Walgreens, and a number of national organizations and agencies have verified and become supporters, ReJews rewards organizations and businesses that commit to have a focus on recycling with sponsorship opportunities and free online advertising space to promote their business, programming, and giving campaigns.

Being able to spread an organization's message or a business' specials online as part of a collaboration with ReJews is a huge benefit. Chosen Organizations can become eligible to receive a GoDaddy sponsored landing page for you on the ReJews site, and then postings through Google AdWords pointing to that page featuring your content.
As part of the Amplifier Giving Circle, ReJews will be making grants available to organizations that highlight their focus on recycling as a Chosen Organization!

No currently open grant opportunities

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