JDC Child Intervention Impact Network

Supporting initiatives helping underprivileged children around the world. 

Members: 15
Giving: $50,000 Annually
Member Contribution: $1,000 - $5,000

About JDC Child Intervention Impact Network

JDC's Child Intervention Impact Network provides opportunities for establishing and emerging philanthropists to assist children in need around the world.  Through specific projects such as the Employment Initiative for Mothers in Bulgaria and Edible Gardens in Israel, JDC's Child Intervention Impact Network empowers mothers and children to become changemakers in their own communities.  JDC's Child Intervention Impact Network strives to support the best practices of intervention and care for underprivileged Jewish children around the world. The foundation principles that guide our various programming can be found at the bottom of the page. To find out more about giving circles at JDC, click on the link below.  

http://www.jdc.org/get-involved/major-gifts/jdc-impact-networks.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/" style="">http://www.jdc.org/get-involved/major-gifts/jdc-impact-networks.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/


JDC is the world's leading Jewish humanitarian organization, impacting millions of lives in more than 70 countries today.  With a century of experience in revitalizing Jewish life and assisting Jews around the world, JDC empowers local Jewish communities from Latin America to Northern Africa and Asia to develop and enrich their local communities. Whenever and wherever there are Jews in need, JDC is there, providing urgent care and rebuilding Jewish life around the world. To find out more about JDC, please visit our website.

http://jdc.org/" style="">http://jdc.org/


Key Principles of JDC's Child Intervention Impact Network

1) In order to help young children, it is vital to help families. JDC’s Child Intervention Impact Network is relentlessly committed to understanding the greater context in which children live and directs interventions in ways that holistically improve their lives.  For example, we work with local Jewish communities to provide employment training and placement for parents of the children in the program.  JDC’s Child Intervention Impact Network has also provided material help in the form of food and housing support.

2) JDC’s Child Intervention Impact Network programs must foster secure attachments between children and caring adults. The importance of a strong and loving adult in a child's life is incontestable, and the quality of the caregivers, particularly their warmth and consistency, are of utmost importance. 

3) Self-control, mindfulness and resilience are key skills for children to learn at an early age. Learning to navigate difficult situations is an important social skill.  Through conflict resolution education, JDC’s Child Intervention Impact Network teaches children how to handle stressful situations and conflict peacefully.  

4) Young minds need to be constantly stimulated with new ideas and experiences through stories, toys, food, playtime and conversation. JDC's Child Intervention Impact Network makes a difference by supporting and working with local Jewish communities to provide enriching programming.   

No currently open grant opportunities


Awarded to: Edible Gardens


Awarded to: Baby Help


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