The Natan Fund

Natan inspires young philanthropists to engage actively in Jewish giving by funding innovative projects that shape the Jewish future.

Members: 69
Giving: $988,000 Annually
Member Contribution: $10,000+

About The Natan Fund

Natan believes that educated, engaged, and entrepreneurial philanthropy can transform both givers and nonprofit organizations.

In the fall of 2002, a group of young professionals came together in New York City to imagine a new approach to Jewish philanthropy: a thoughtful, engaging experience of strategic philanthropy, where they could use both their minds and their money to support new ideas and transform the Jewish world and Israel. They wanted to give together, in a community of like-minded peers, brought together by their generosity and their commitment to Jewish philanthropy. They wanted control over where their money was going and transparency about how it was being used by those who received it. And they wanted to have real impact - to support new ideas with the potential to make systemic change.

Our circle has grown from about 20 members to over 70 and our grant budget has more than doubled; we now have 8 different grant committees; we fund social entrepreneurs, startups, post-startup nonprofits; and we have grantmaking partnerships with other organizations. Our giving circle’s strength is the network of young professionals who come together to make decisions as a group. Their expertise, critical analysis, and commitment makes Natan the strong organization that it is today.

We also benefit tremendously from the fact that Natan supports some of the most cutting-edge organizations in the Jewish world. We are known both for our “young philanthropist” membership and for our focus on funding innovation.

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