Shir Tikvah Giving Circle

A congregational giving circle driven by jewish values.

Members: 9
Giving: $0
Member Contribution: $1,000 - $5,000

About Shir Tikvah Giving Circle

The Shir Tikvah Giving Circle, (STGC) is a group of Shir
Tikvah members who successfully awarded five grants in its initial effort. 

Our goals for STGC were to be guided by our Jewish values, including
members from a variety of income levels and experiences with charitable giving,
and to experience the joy of giving. Together, we developed our skills as
grassroots grant makers, while moving funds thoughtfully and strategically to
impact social change.

STGC members joined together to build relationships within
our community, learn more about collective grant making, and develop the group
values that informed our giving. One commonly expressed benefit of this process
was that members were exposed to what seemed to be an expanding list of groups
doing meaningful and inspiring work.  We
were extremely proud to be able to give to each of these organizations.

The STGC focused on two areas of group concern, climate
change and Israeli/Palestinian peacemaking.

Our grant recipients included:

Honor the Earth

Solar Aid

Parents Circle Family Forum

Eco-Peace Middle East

Shir Tikvah

It is our intention to create additional giving circles in
the future at Shir Tikvah

No currently open grant opportunities

No grants awarded yet


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