SCA Young Professionals Giving Circle

The mission of the SCA Young Professionals Giving Circle is to get young professionals more proactive and more involved in their giving.

Members: 1
Giving: $10,000 Annually
Member Contribution: $500 - $1,000

About SCA Young Professionals Giving Circle

Our Circle's vision is to get young professionals in our community more
proactive and involved in their giving. Many young professionals
feel that the amount they give to charity has only a small impact
organization. By pooling our charitable contributions
together, we have the ability to make a large difference in a charity's
annual budget.

Our circle is also about giving to charities to help them start a new initiative that they don't currently have the funding for (or only have part of the funding for). Most of our community tends to collect money out of "crisis funding" in order to help balance a budget deficit. Our goal as a giving circle will be to help charities take their organization to the next level.

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No grants awarded yet


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