20's Phoenix Jewish Leaders Giving Circle 2015

Posted by: NowGen Giving Circle - Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

Young Phoenix Jewish Community Leaders Start “Giving Circle”. Plan to Donate $25,000 to Jewish Non-Profits.

Amount: $5,000
Deadline: May 31, 2015
Award Date: Aug. 15, 2015


A group of 12 Jewish entrepreneurs in their 20’s have started a giving circle to personally contribute and fundraise approximately $25,000 for Jewish non-profit organizations. The giving circle is a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and part of the Young Jewish Funders of Arizona, an established group of Jewish philanthropists. The mission of the 20’s group is to establish a culture of generosity and philanthropy amongst recent college graduates/new professionals. As co-founder Blaine Light explains, “Most of the members of this group are relatively new to the professional world. Getting a regular paycheck is still a somewhat novel concept. We feel it’s important to develop the understanding early on that what we make is not all ours to keep. The 12 members of our giving circle have embraced this concept, and want to spread the ideology to our peers and other members of the local Jewish community”.

If you are interested in matching any of the group’s contributions, or are in your 20’s and would like to become a member of the giving circle, please apply here.

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