Jewish Women's Philanthropy Circle of Arizona

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JWPC-AZ is launching its second annual call for grant applications! 2-10 grants, totaling appx $50K will be awarded to support the Jewish community

Amount: $50,000
Deadline: Feb. 3, 2017
Award Date: May 1, 2017


The Jewish Women’s Philanthropy Circle of Arizona (JWPC-AZ) is a group of diverse women who are committed to upholding the tradition of tzedakah. In the spirit of the strong and compassionate Jewish women who have come before us, we are on a quest to empower organizations that are doing good work throughout the Valley.

We are a network of women: we are mothers, wives, sisters and friends. We are leaders, innovators, adventurers and dreamers. We are empowered, inspired, ambitious and intelligent. We are Jews—reform, conservative and orthodox—who share in the love of community and the mitzvah of tzedakah.

It is our mission to allocate strategic financial support to organizations that share our core values of integrity, leadership and tradition. Grants shall provide entree to education, spiritual growth, and innovation, and open doors for those who may have limited access to opportunity.

Together we are reinforcing the truism that no funder, no matter how large or influential, can build a community alone.

Jan. 27: Online application deadline.

Finalists will be notified the week of Feb. 20 and will be required to meet with and present to JWPC-AZ on the evening of March 2.

Grantees to be notified on or before May 1.

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Custom Questions

Some grants require specific questions to be answered in order to make a decision. Every applicant will be required to answer the following questions in order to successfully complete the application process.

  1. JWPC-AZ will award 2-10 grants totaling approximately $50,000. What is the amount you are requesting? Should you not receive funding in full, what is the feasibility/sustainability of this project?

  2. What is your organization's current total operating budget? Please provide a detailed budget for this particular project.

  3. If this is for an established project, please provide metrics and highlight the past successes and challenges.

    If this is a new project, please explain how and why the project is believed to be successful. Please provide 3 metrics you plan to use to measure the project's outcome.

  4. How does this project strengthen the local Jewish community? What makes this project/organization unique or innovative in the community or in working with the population served?

  5. If this were Twitter and you had to compose a tweet about your organization or program, what would it be? (Remember, tweets are limited to 140 characters!!)


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