Natan Small Grants for the Renewal of Jerusalem

Posted by: The Natan Fund

The Natan Fund inspires young philanthropists to become engaged in Jewish giving by funding innovative projects that are shaping the Jewish future.

Amount: $10,000
Deadline: June 1, 2015
Award Date: Aug. 3, 2015


About Natan

The Natan Fund* inspires young philanthropists to become actively engaged in Jewish giving by funding innovative projects that are shaping the Jewish future. Natan members pool their funds and bear the risks involved with supporting new and/or undiscovered ideas. They engage in a group educational process in order to fund innovative, creative, and socially meaningful projects, and they make all of Natan’s grant decisions collectively.  

Natan Small Grants for the Renewal of Jerusalem

Natan invites proposals from Jerusalem-based social entrepreneurs, grassroots initiatives and emerging nonprofit organizations that are spearheading innovative initiatives that revitalize and strengthen Jerusalem as a diverse cultural, spiritual, and educational hub. Jerusalem has been a significant historical center of activity for millenia, and this grant program seeks to highlight the city’s importance in new and imaginative ways. Applicants may apply for seed grants of up to $10,000. Preference will be given to initiatives that take creative approaches to building and strengthening community in Jerusalem through arts and culture.

Natan seeks to support individual social entrepreneurs, community builders, and early-stage initiatives that are building and developing community in innovative and effective ways.  With this grants program, Natan will also consider seeing new ideas from existing organizations with budgets of $1.5 million or less. Ideal applicants will demonstrate exceptional, capable leadership and a broad and inclusive approach to building community and urban renewal.

Initiatives supported through this grant program might include:

  Arts and culture initiatives that contribute to the renewal and revitalization of the city and its residents;

  Initiatives that engage Jerusalem residents in building, shaping, and developing the city in creative ways;

  Projects that repurpose unused or under-utilized public and private spaces, thereby contributing both to the physical and cultural revitalization of the city.

Partnership with Jerusalem Giving Circles

Natan is piloting this new grant area in partnership with Jerusalem Culture Unlimited and Keren Baktana, which are creating several new giving circles in Jerusalem made up of young Jerusalemites. Applicants will have the option of sharing their application with all of the partner giving circles, which might result in additional funding. All of the circles, however, will be following their own timelines and making independent grant decisions. You can find further information about these grant opportunities on the Jerusalem Culture Unlimted and Keren Baktana website.

This experiment in cross-border giving circle partnership emerges out of Natan’s efforts to strengthen and expand the field of Jewish and Israeli giving circles through Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement.

*The Natan Fund is named in memory of JJ Greenberg (1965-2002), a Jewish communal leader and a friend to many of Natan’s founding members.  “Natan” is derived from the verb "to give" in Hebrew.

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Custom Questions

Some grants require specific questions to be answered in order to make a decision. Every applicant will be required to answer the following questions in order to successfully complete the application process.

  1. What is the amount you are requesting? Organizations may request funds of up to US$10,000.

  2. What is your organization’s current total operating budget? Natan DOES NOT support organizations with operating budgets over $1.5 million.

  3. Tell us about your organization/initiative and its innovative model. How does it align with the goals of this grant area?

  4. If this were twitter and you had to compose a tweet about your organization or program, what would it be? (Remember tweets are only 140 Characters long.)

  5. Give the reasoning behind the specific amount you're requesting from Natan, and how you will use the funds. (300 Words)


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