Grant Opportunity for Education Orgs

Posted by: Revolve Community Giving Circle

We are a new giving circle dedicated to giving to organizations who impact the lives of students in need in our urban and rural schools.

Amount: $600
Deadline: March 22, 2017
Award Date: March 26, 2017


Our Giving Circle is comprised of members of the Revolve Community, who are alumni of REALITY: Revolve. REALITY: Revolve is comprised of Teach For America, City Year, and other educators in rural and urban school districts, ranging across the entire country. Our Giving Circle is intended to give members of our community the opportunity to pool resources together to deepen our impact.

As all of our members have education experience working predominantly with students in public schools where most students receive free or reduced lunch, our strong preference is to give to organizations who chiefly support students sharing the background of our professional experience.

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