NatanFocus: Jerusalem 2018-2019

Posted by: The Natan Fund

Natan inspires young philanthropists to engage actively in Jewish giving by funding innovative projects that shape the Jewish future.

Amount: $40,000
Deadline: Jan. 8, 2018
Award Date: June 15, 2018


For the 2018-9 grant year, Natan is partnering with the Leichtag Foundation to expand Natan’s previous small-grant program supporting urban renewal efforts in Jerusalem. Natan and Leichtag share a commitment to revitalizing Jerusalem, which has recently seen a surge of inspiring, entrepreneurial, grassroots renewal efforts.

Natan will award grants between $10,000 and $40,000 to initiatives led by members of the Jerusalem Model, a diverse network of 200+ activists and social entrepreneurs. In the spirit of “venture philanthropy,” Natan requests proposals from entrepreneurial organizations that have not yet received significant support from major funders and that are independent from larger institutions and organizational structures. Applicants must be able to articulate a clear and measurable theory of change, identifying concrete outcomes that they believe their programs will achieve.

Natan is particularly interested in supporting broad, inclusive, innovative, grassroots approaches to addressing Jerusalem’s major challenges and strengthening its diverse fabric. Ideal applicants will engage and empower Jerusalem residents to develop and improve their city and will provide opportunities for different sectors of Jerusalem’s population to connect meaningfully with each other.

Applicants must be working in at least one of the following areas, with a sense for the uniqueness of doing this type of work in Jerusalem.

  • Arts and culture, particularly related to repurposing unused or under-utilized public and private spaces, taking a “placemaking” approach to capitalizing on a local community’s assets, inspiration and potential;
  • Workforce advancement or economic development for Jerusalem’s most disadvantaged populations, improving their economic and social mobility; and/or
  • Bridging educational gaps by creating new models to raise educational standards among disadvantaged populations.

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Custom Questions

Some grants require specific questions to be answered in order to make a decision. Every applicant will be required to answer the following questions in order to successfully complete the application process.

  1. Which of the funding areas outlined in the RFP do you work in: arts and culture, workforce advancement or economic development, or bridging educational gaps? How does the city of Jerusalem shape your programs?

  2. Explain the ways in which your work is broad and inclusive. If your programs empower Jerusalem residents to develop and improve their city, explain how. If your programs enable cross-sector collaboration and/or bring different segments of Jerusalem’s population together, explain how.

  3. Describe the ways that your initiative is innovative, and how it will lead to systemic or meaningful change in your issue area?

  4. How much funding are you requesting (between USD $10,000 and $40,000) and why? How will this grant enable you to sustain, expand or replicate your work? Please let us know if you have secured other funding for this initiative, and from whom

  5. What would you like to have achieved by the end of the grant period (Summer 2019)? Please describe 3-5 expected outcomes and what you will do this year in order to achieve those outcomes.


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