YESOD St.Petersburg Jewish Community Home

YESOD is home. Only it isn’t home for just one person, or family, but for all who need it. At home, people are always happy to see you, they always help you, and home is always warm and protective.
Year founded: 2006


YESOD is St. Petersburg’s state-of-the-art centrally located Jewish Cultural Center. Serving as a hub for Jewish life, YESOD offers meaningful Jewish and Israeli programming to thousands of children and adults. Holiday celebrations, cultural events, and family programs such as matza baking on Pesach and lighting the giant menorah on Chanukah are at the heart of YESOD's activities. YESOD has become the venue for popular Jewish and Israeli cultural events, while activities such as Interactive Theatre Sundays and professional concerts attract previously unaffiliated families week after week. First-rate dance and music performances, art exhibitions, stimulating lectures by renowned Jewish personalities such as Israeli authors Amos Oz and Meir Shalev, and Nobel Prize winner Professor Robert Aumann, are some of YESOD's most preferred events.

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