Asor Fund

The “Asor Fund” was founded with the goal of encouraging philanthropy in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide. To accomplish this, the Asor Fund has created "Jgive" an online fundraising platform designed to make donating more effective, more transparent, and more popular.
Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 2014


Jgive is a revolutionary digital platform for donating and fundraising. All money raised through Jgive is transferred directly to the charity, with the exception of a small credit card fee. Many charities that try and raise money online are forced to invest in expensive technologies. Jgive uses an advanced digital platform which allows for secure donations in a simple and effective manner. Jgive places a premium on transparency and security, so you know that your donation is going directly to the organization of your choice.

Jgive Gift Card


To the donors of the NowGen Giving Circle:

The Asor Fund is pleased to present its proposal for review. Founded in 2014 the Asor Fund is an Israeli nonprofit which aims to increase charitable giving in Israeli society. To this end, we have created “Jgive” a nonprofit crowdfunding online platform used by hundreds of Israeli charities to raise money without needing to invest in expensive technologies or pay commission fees. Since Jgive’s launch last September, almost 2,000,000 NIS have been donated through the Jgive online platform to various Israeli charities and the feedback from both donors and charities has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now seeking to expand our activities by helping to educate Israeli youth about the importance of charity with the intention of building a culture of philanthropy and rapidly enlarging the donor base for Israeli nonprofits in the coming years. With your help, we can change Israeli culture for the better by using your giving circle’s generosity to expand the spirit of generosity in Israel.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ori Ben Shlomo

CEO and Co-Founder


JVP Media Quarter

24 Hebron Rd


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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift Card program is designed to instill a spirit of generosity in the next generation.

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Program Description

Jgive is a social nonprofit start up designed to make donating more effective, more transparent, and more popular. Other online donation platforms are for-profit, and often take huge commissions which cut into a charity’s bottom line. There’s also very little oversight of the crowdfunding campaigns, and anyone can create a “charitable cause” without being properly vetted. This does nothing to inspire confidence in the public that their donations are being used properly.

We are restoring donor confidence by first making sure that only charities recognized by the Israeli tax authority can raise money on Jgive. We also display the percentage of each charity’s revenue that is used for overhead so donors have a better sense of how each charity manages its money. Finally, Jgive does not take any commission on donations made through our platform. The only fees collected are the credit card fees which are directly transferred to the payment processing service and the fee for the costs of issuing automatic digital receipts (which are recognized by the Israeli Tax Authority).

We are currently developing the “Gift Card” feature for our site. This will allow users to give a Jgive digital gift card as a gift (for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a holiday gift, for example) allowing the recipient to select their favorite charities to donate to. We hope that this will not only create a lasting relationship between the donors and the charities, but will also serve as a tool for educating young people about the importance of charitable giving. We have already received funding for the technical development of the project. What we would like to do if we receive the grant is to use it to create hundreds of these gift cards and present them to children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah. We would go to their schools and explain how the gift cards work, and then allow them to distribute their donations to the charities of their choice. Your donation will not only reach the Israeli charities that they choose, but by channeling that money through Israeli youth, we can plant a spirit of generosity in the next generation.

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Demonstrated Need

For the last couple of years, Israel has been falling down the rankings of the World Giving Index, which measures levels of charitable giving in different countries. Israel now ranks at 75 out of 130 countries measured in the survey. This is lower than Saudi Arabia (47) Iraq (38) and even Iran (32). Meanwhile, Israel has fallen from 31 only two years ago.

Israeli charities are drowning. Poverty levels are on the rise and there aren’t nearly enough donations to provide adequate assistance.

Why is this?

Hundreds of charities in different categories are competing for the attention of potential donors. The public views charities with suspicion, and consider them to be “in it for themselves” or corrupt. It doesn’t matter who needs help, children, the elderly, or the poor; the public has become desensitized to images of chronic suffering.

To address this crisis of giving, we’ve assembled a team of entrepreneurs, programmers and innovators who view Israel’s “donation drought” as a major national issue.

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Program Accomplishments

As stated above, since Jgive’s launch last September, almost 2,000,000 NIS have been donated through the Jgive online platform to various Israeli charities

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How do you measure the success of your program?

We believe that the program will be successful if we can demonstrate to children of Bar and Bat Mitzavh age that there are many worthy causes that they can contribute to and to see them develop the understanding that charitable giving should play in an important role in their lives.

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