Trybal Gatherings

Trybal organizes events for Jewish young adults and their friends that foster community, adventure, and connection. We market and produce scalable events, designed for diverse interests and geographies, targeting young adults in their 20’s and 30’s with a focus on less-affiliated Jews.

Location: Brookline , MASSACHUSETTS (MA)
Year founded: 2016


Trybal Gatherings hosts weekend getaways as a means to build Jewish identity and provide a grassroots entry point to Jewish communal life. Building off the success of immersive Jewish experiences like Birthright Israel and overnight summer camp, Trybal leverages young adult interest in immersive and “authentic” experiences. A tried and true immersive experience – Jewish summer camp – is rebranded in a dynamic new product for the Jewishly uninvolved that helps them relive their youth while reimagining their future.

Like camp, Trybal Gatherings gives young adults a “safe space” to experiment with living Jewishly – to be a new version of themselves, and to reimagine what living as part of a Jewish community might look like. It’s an opportunity for millennials and Jewish communal organizations alike to encounter each other in a new light with “no strings attached.”

Each all-inclusive weekend offers a daily menu of activities that speak directly to millenials’ interests, layered with Jewish content:

  • Electives in sports, arts, food and Jewish culture
  • Nightly community-building programs
  • An interactive Shabbat experience
  • Free time to unwind from the noise of everyday life
  • Facilitated reflections.

Programs are staffed by top-tier educators, camp professionals, and Jewish community leaders. Trybal strategically partners with 30+ Jewish organizations to increase market reach, enhance programmatic content, and serve as a gateway to local follow-up events.

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