AJEEC-NISPED works to create equal, inclusive, and flourishing societies. Programs address areas including economic development, social business, volunteerism, early childhood education, women’s empowerment, youth engagement, health promotion and Arab-Jewish partnership.

Location: Beersheva
Year founded: 2000


AJEEC-NISPED is dedicated to promoting inclusive development for all people of the Negev - Arab and Jewish - and beyond with projects on the national and international levels. Proven experience combines with state-of-the-art program development and innovation, meeting the changing needs of all our stakeholders. A natural partner for organizations and governmental/quasi-governmental agencies seeking to work with the Bedouin community in the Negev, AJEEC-NISPED also increasingly offers opportunities for Jewish-Arab shared society programming throughout Israel. AJEEC-NISPED employs 172 men and women, 90% from the Bedouin community.

Our programming includes an array of strategies including Jewish-Arab partnership and shared society building, volunteerism, economic development including the formation of social enterprises, women's empowerment, quality early childhood education, and health promotion. We work locally in the Negev, nationally – scaling up and adapting our Negev-developed projects, regionally with cross-border people –to-people projects and internationally, advancing sustainable human development with partners from developing countries.

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