AMCHA Initiative

AMCHA Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating, documenting, educating about, and combating antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America

Location: Santa Cruz , California
Year founded: 2012


While diminishing antisemitic behavior on college campuses is our central focus, what drives AMCHA initaitive is the desire to protect Jewish students. AMCHA was founded in 2012 by two University of California faculty, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin and Leila Beckwith. AMCHA’s efforts are bolstered by a network of more than 5,000 members and supporters of the Jewish community as well as collaboration with nearly 60 prominent education, civil rights and religious advocacy organizations. Grant opportunities would be put towards expanding our capacities in all the areas we are involved within, including empirical research, documentation of antisemitic activity, broadening our organizational and grassroots coalition, and moving forward with projects to increase the number of university presidents adopting initiatives to combat campus antisemitism.

No grants received yet


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