Ways of Peace

WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources promotes justice and kindness, across lines of diversity and throughout the life cycle. Programs such as Generous Justice seek to transform how Jewish individuals and communities face the core spiritual and ethical challenges of money and death.

Location: Brooklyn , New York
Year founded: 2012


"In cities of diversity...we organize ourselves and our money...and sustain the poor...and visit the sick...and bury the dead...and console the bereaved...for these are ways of peace." (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Gittin)

WAYS OF PEACE takes its name and mission from timeless principles of caring action that bring together Jews and other peoples, as well as different kinds of Jews.  The organization combines such caring action with contemporary principles of microenterprise and social entrepreneurship.

Jewish practices for responding to the core challenges of money and mortality are the legacy of deep connections between older and younger generations.  These often-neglected practices have much to offer a world struggling with dangerous climate change and extreme financial inequality.

Jewish traditions of sustainability integrate concern for the poor with concern for the earth.  WAYS OF PEACE brings vital leadership to the hevra kadisha / Jewish burial fellowship movement, which has long advocated for economic equality, environmental sustainability and spiritual growth.  And while most discussions of money and death focus on end-of-life planning, WAYS OF PEACE brings this conversation into the everyday process of living fully.

It is well-known that giving rates tend to shrink as affluence increases, in the Jewish community as elsewhere. In other words, those who earn less tend to give more, while those who earn more tend to share smaller percentages of their earnings.  Our Generous Justice project offers tools to change that uncomfortable truth by reclaiming tzedakah as "just-giving": simple, regular, and fair.  We reach through the Jewish silences around money to bring social justice into our own hands — no matter what we earn.

Even as we honor tzedakah collectives and more recent Jewish giving circles, Generous Justice seeks a broader and more diverse constituency.  We provide accessibility and group support beyond particular age cohorts, affluence levels, or pooled funds for each participant to expand her or his personal giving capacities.

Across North America, a transformative money dialogue has begun to connect Jewish millennials, Gen-Xers, boomers and elders. The first Generous Justice leadership training in August 2015, in partnership with the National Havurah Committee, prepared a multi-generational cohort of change-makers to develop circles for just-giving in their home communities  — coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.

We look to the Amplifier community for support in expanding this transformative dialogue, within today's giving circles and far beyond.

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