Am Yisrael Foundation

Am Yisrael Foundation is a nonprofit organzation creating initiatives that empower pioneering amongst Jewish young adults. Our activites harness our values to build up the Nation, promoting Jewish tradition, civic engagement, volunteerism, and vibrant communities- with a special focus on Tel Aviv.

Location: Tel Aviv
Year founded: 2013


The Am Yisrael Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that launches, supports and funds initiatives that empower modern pioneering amongst Jewish young adults. Observant Zionism is made manifest in everything we do to move onwards and upwards as a People. We focus on activities which promote Jewish tradition, civic engagement, volunteerism, and vibrant communities- harnessing our values to positively build up our Nation by connecting to our ancestral Homeland, with a special focus on Tel Aviv.

We operate differently than traditional Jewish organizations, and we certainly think differently. Our philanthropy is about taking on the biggest challenges facing the Jewish People today, with even bigger ideas, and doing so with minimal investment. Our philanthropic ethos believes that creativity, chutzpah, energy, and hard work will always be more important than money. One does not have to be a billionaire to do amazing things to take care of our family; we take enormous pride in this historic purpose. We honor and are strengthened by the Jewish trait of being in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction with the status quo.

We seek to be a vessel for the vanguard of new pioneers; a proponent throughout the entirety of the Jewish People for a stronger Jewish and Zionist identity- connecting Am Yisrael with Eretz Yisrael for its spiritual and physical development.

We do not believe that the time for real vision and pioneering on behalf of Am Yisrael ended with Ben-Gurion and Begin – it continues today in this new powerful generation.

We currently manage more than ten young grassroots nonprofit initiatives all of which are informed by our dedicated Jewish values. The Foundation’s activities have been operating and thriving since 2007, filling vital vacuums in Israeli civil society, making macro-positive change for the Jewish People worldwide, and creating realities on the ground. Our work has been professional and prolific thanks to core team of dedicated volunteers, sound strategic vision, well-executed implementation and strong relationships with governmental and non-governmental entities. These initiatives currently include:

Young Leadership & TLV Internationals

The Am Yisrael Foundation is developing the next generation of young Jewish leaders by empowering young professional Sabra Israelis & Internationals to create, build and participate in initiatives that develop the State, Land and People of Israel.

Every program and organization overseen by the Am Yisrael Foundation is run by volunteer lay leaders and draws thousands of young professionals, specifically focused on bringing “Glocal” mindedness to Tel Aviv.  TLV Internationals has become the largest young community organization in Israel, with a 50,000 plus database- placing the future of Israeli society, Jewish life and the State of Israel in the hands of dedicated young adults.

Religious Pluralism & White City Shabbat

The Am Yisrael Foundation is supra-denominational, embracing all manners of observance and Jewish identity. Our pluralistic approach to Jewish Life in Israel is a fundamental value of our community.

White City Shabbat is a massive young grassroots movement promoting renewal of inclusive and vibrant Jewish Life in Tel Aviv. Each month, the organization hosts a 200+ person warm, welcoming, community Shabbat dinner. While having no sectarian affiliation or agenda beyond creating unity, White City Shabbat is the largest venue in Tel Aviv for bringing together young Sabra Israelis & Olim, and bridging the gap between religious & secular populations in the city. We host holiday celebrations, Jewish learning and debate. In June 2014, White City Shabbat set the Guinness World Record for the Largest Shabbat Dinner on Earth, with 2,226 Jews from all demographics and walks of life gathered together in Tel Aviv to come together in unity and celebrate the beauty of Shabbat. 

Volunteerism & Shomer Israel Fellowship

The Am Yisrael Foundation represents a community of young professionals who are on the ground in Israel enacting substantive positive change through dedicated volunteerism. 

We believe in giving of ourselves generously to our People and our Country, that is part of the pioneering spirit still needed for Israel’s development. The Shomer Israel Fellowship focuses on the needs of those living in the periphery of the country, giving our young community leaders the honor of lending a much needed helping hand. Our community believes that yes, we are our brother’s keeper.

Civic Engagement & Tel Aviv International Salon

Only by having young people actively engaged in civic life, beginning with education and vibrant discourse on the fundamental issues facing Israeli and Jewish society, can we have a next generation who is able to effect positive change in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. 

The Tel Aviv International Salon has grown to become the largest speakers forum in Israel. As non-partisan honest brokers, the Salons bring the top decision makers directly to a young audience of both Sabra Israelis and Olim, engaging them with Israel’s biggest challenges and noblest visions. The Salons activate young people also through its Great Debate Series & Ambassador Series.

Social Welfare & Adopt-A-Safta

All Jews are responsible for each other, and the Am Yisrael Foundation believes that to have a strong Jewish nation we must strengthen and empower every Jew in that nation. By connecting young professionals to disadvantaged Jews in the periphery of society, the Foundation is helping to ensure Jewish continuity in the Land of Israel and providing hope to often otherwise neglected or isolated populations.

Israel has over 180,000 Holocaust Survivors, many in critical need of assistance, yet their number one complaint is simple loneliness. The Adopt-A-Safta program pairs young people on a Big Brother/Big Sister model with this holy generation to care for the lonely and help secure Jewish memory for the future.

Creative Culture & Tel Aviv Arts Council

“Without vision, the people perish” are wise words spoken by King Solomon 3000 years ago, and a key inspiration for the Am Yisrael Foundation. The Tel Aviv Arts Council is the largest community of young patrons of the arts celebrating Israeli creative culture.  The Arts Council has two core missions: it gives young professionals access to the best of Israeli art and culture and brings the best of Israeli art and culture to the world. The Arts Council partners with the full variety of arts organizations in Israel, from established institutions to emerging artists and art forms.

In 2014 the Arts Council launched the Young International Artist Award. Each year our goal is to support, highlight, and honor a young Israeli based artist who was not born in Israel –  exploring the role of various cultures and perspectives in creating an authentic Israeli creative voice.

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