Bukharian Jewish Union - BJU

Bukharian Jewish Union (BJU) aims to inspire unaffiliated Russian Speaking Mizrahi Jewish young professionals (Bukharian, Kavkazi and Georgian) in their 20’s and 30’s by offering a networking platform for personal, social and professional growth.
Location: Forest Hills , NY
Year founded: 2016


Bukharian Jewish Union's (BJU) Mission is to create a vibrant network and community of Russian Speaking Mizrahi Jewish young adults in their 20’s and 30’s, celebrate the rich heritage and culture and connect with the American Jewish organizations to build relationships based on mutual respect while collaborating with the broader Russian Speaking Mizrahi Jewish community in the U.S., Europe, Israel, and throughout the world.

Bukharian Jewish Union empowers new leadership in the RSJ Mizrahi Community by identifying and empowering individuals and encourages them to become active agents of change within their own communities as well as develop stable and independent community members who can contribute collectively to the Jewish society as a whole.

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