Chaim Renewal

Chaim Renewal aspires to create a supporting environment for Russian speaking Jewish families by organizing Shabbat meals filled with Torah inspired atmosphere in a unique Russian Jewish twist

Location: Staten Island NY


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Shabbat Meals


PRogram is designed to be a great way to bring an unaffiliated Russian speaking Jewish families to experience the joy of celebrating Shabbat trough traditional festive meals filled with Torah and sense of Jewish pride.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The mission and the purpose of the program is to allow unaffiliated Russian speaking Jewish families to delve into a traditional Shabbat atmosphere while enjoying kosher delicious food surounded by like minded peers in an undemanding environment

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Program Description

The program makes arrangements and provides for resources needed to accommodate unaffiliated Russian speaking Jewish families to be able to participate in traditional Shabbat meals at the participating household.

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Demonstrated Need

There is a large number of unaffiliated Russian speaking Jewish families living on Staten Island particularly in a mid island area. There is no organization that promote and cater to this segment of population on a level that is not overly religious nor totaly secular. Our program aimed to bridge the gap.

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Program Accomplishments

Since this program was initiated in January of 2016 - it had accomodated over fifty Shabbat meals to twenty Russian speaking Jewish families

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How do you measure the success of your program?

The program started with only one family and in a year it grew up to twenty families having been exposed to joy of traditional Shabbat meal

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