CureCervicalCancer is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer around the globe for the women who need it most.

Location: Beverly Hills , California
Year founded: 2013


Cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable with early detection and treatment, yet 300,000 women die annually from cervical cancer. An overwhelming 90% of those women live in resource-poor regions where they lack access to basic screening and treatment services. If a woman is screened just once in her lifetime, her risk of contracting cervical cancer is dramatically reduced.

CureCervicalCancer trains healthcare professionals in resource-poor regions in the life-saving "See & Treat" method. Pre-cancerous cervical lesions can be visualized with acetic acid and treated with cryotherapy with a 85-90% cure rate. With this cost-effective and scale-able method, women can be screened and treated in a single visit.

CureCervicalCancer (CCC) has launched 80 sustainable "See & Treat" clinics in 8 different countries. CCC has trained 550 healthcare professionals who have collectively screened over 95,000 women and treated 6,912 women with cryotherapy. 

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