Twist Out Cancer

Twist Out Cancer provides psychosocial support to individuals touched by cancer through creative arts programming. Since 2011 we have touched over 100,000 people through our online platforms and community wide events.

Location: Philadelphia , PA
Year founded: 2011


Twist Out Cancer is a global community that encourages previvors, caregivers, survivors and their loved ones to connect, create, support and inspire. TOC activates the community through our online platforms and community wide events. Since 2011 we have touched over 100,000 people through our online platforms and community wide programming. Specifically, we connect with our community through the Twist Out Cancer app, website, and social media platforms, Twist-Shops (educational workshops), Health and Wellness Events and our hallmark program Brushes with Cancer. Our story began when I was 29-years-old and undergoing cancer treatment in 2010 for Grey Zone Lymphoma, a rare type of blood cancer. I felt disconnected from the world. Isolated at home because of a compromised immune system, I longed to do something I hadn’t done since I was well: dance. With Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” blasting in the background, I recorded myself twisting my heart out. When I posted the video on Facebook, I had one simple request: “Please join me on the dance floor!” The response was astounding. Within days, I was flooded with hundreds of videos of thousands of people from across the world- all- twisting. The videos came from people I knew, as well as strangers. There were people twisting at work, at home, and even in the hospital. “As they twisted, I no longer felt alone, but instead connected to and supported by a community of twisters.” It was then that I made a vow that once I had completed treatment; I would give back in a meaningful way. And so, Twist Out Cancer was born.

Twist Out Cancer (TOC) offers the platform, tools and community - both online and offline – for anyone touched by cancer to “tiptoe out of their room,” feel connected to a community, and for many to act. TOC does this through the Twist Out Cancer App, Website, Twist-Shops, Health and Awareness Events, and Brushes with Cancer.

Here is snap shot of TOC programs we offer:

The Twist Out Cancer Website ( is a platform that allows anyone to create a profile page and a personal call to action. Individuals touched by cancer are encouraged to post videos, photos and essays, and share their unique “twist on cancer”, which includes lessons learned, fighting strategies and new perspectives.

Twist Out Cancer App: TOC is launching a new app in April 2017. The app will allow individuals who have been touched by cancer to create a profile, post and share videos, photos, essays and connect with others to share their “twist on cancer”. In the future, the app will allow individuals to connect with others who have been diagnosed with the same type of cancer, as well as physicians.

Twist-Shops, are educational workshops that provide individuals touched by cancer with an opportunity to share their ‘twist on cancer,’ – their unique experiences – with everyone from teens to community members.

Health and Wellness Events - Since 2011, over 30,000 people have participated in health and wellness programs run by TOC in partnership with a variety of organizations, including Yoga for a Cause, Kick Out Cancer, an annual charity soccer match hosted by the head trainer of the Raiders FC, and participation in the Lurie Cancer Walk and 5k.

Brushes with Cancer (BWC) is a program that creates unexpected intersections between artists and those touched by cancer. The intention is to create a unique system of support for both the artist and individual, which centers on the healing of the person, and results in dialogue and education for the community at large.

Over the last few years there has been unprecedented research showing a strong correlation between the incorporation of the arts and positive patient health outcomes. The arts can benefit patients, caregivers and loved ones by providing a therapeutic process that relieves anxiety, pain and allows them to regain a sense of control and purpose. The arts can also help serve as an outlet for individual and group reflection, healing, as well as serve as a powerful platform to communicate, educate and inform.

TOC is looking to expand and grow our programs and we are seeking funds to support Twist Out Cancer and help us to make an impact on individuals touched by cancer and provide the emotional support that they need to manage this difficult diagnosis. Your funding would allow us to reach more people and allow our programs to expand to different regions of the globe. We would be able to 1) expand our Brushes with Cancer Program to more regions, 2) grow our Twist-shops to engage more individuals, and 3) add more capabilities to the Twist Out Cancer app.

Thank you for your kind consideration. If you have any questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 847-802-9183 or [email protected]. If you would like to learn more about our programs visit our website at

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