Innovation: Africa

Innovation: Africa brings Israeli innovation to African villages. Our goal is to provide both Africa and Israel with a brighter future. And to do it, we’re activating young Jews around the country and world that want to help. We hope you’ll join us.

Location: New York , NY
Year founded: 2008


Innovation: Africa is a non‐profit organization that brings Israeli innovation to African villages. We work to improve the lives of rural African people, and in doing so, to improve the image of Israel around the world. So far, we've used Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to complete over 130 sustainable development projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa, bringing light, clean water, improved education, proper medical care, food security and economic opportunity to more than 1,000,000 people. We've won a UN "Innovation Award", we have over 800 young volunteers, we have an online community of over 370,000 people and growing daily, and our media impressions have helped us tell our story to over 100 million people in the Jewish and secular world.

We care deeply about sustainable development, and we think Israel can and should play a leading role in this field. We want to help Israel and the Jewish people to enact our values on a global scale, to engage young Jews in a cause that's meaningful to them and to share the best side of Israel with those inside the Jewish community and beyond.

2014/2015 Giving cycle - "Basic Needs" focus

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