DEVARIM PROJECT is a new grassroot Center of Jewish Studies in Paris, providing to both men and women from different backgrounds an access to a high-level program of Jewish traditional studies in French, focusing on Jewish texts.

Location: PARIS
Year founded: 2016


We are two young women (25 and 35) that have founded the DEVARIM PROJECT, because traditional intensive Jewish studies in France are restricted to men. So we decided to be the change we wanted to see.

DEVARIM PROJECT is a grassroots answer to a big lack of structures in Paris (and more generally in the French speaking Jewish international community) and to an increasing need for 1) serious and non-dogmatic Jewish studies also open to women and 2) for a place where Jewish tradition and open-mind taught are both valuable and not contradicting.

Actually in France, many young people, men and women, do not recognize themselves in the existing learning communities. They feel they have to give up their attachment to tradition if they want a high-level Jewish taught and a non-dogmatic reading of the texts, or to give up with their intellectual aspirations and open-mind if they want to keep closed to traditional Judaism.

The goal of this project is to allow everyone to acquire skills in order to have a personal taught and link with Jewish texts and, consequently, with his or her own Jewish identity, life or practice.

Through this project, we started to create a new community of people (students, young adults and young teachers) who want to participate in a new dynamic in France, based on inclusiveness, and mixing tradition and modernity.

We openned in September 2016, and have 80 participants for this fist year of activity.

A grant would allow us to develop the concept, to grow as a community, and through more Jewish learning sessions offered to the French speaking people, to bring a slow but deep change in the state of mind of the French Jewish community.

No grants received yet


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