The Wander-Full Jew Theater

The top ten most influential Jews in history meet up for coffee in a series of innovative plays, targeting young Jewish audience. Through the diverse stories of these world-changing figures, we seek to inspire a broad sense of belonging to Jewish communities around the world through generations.

Location: Tel Aviv , Isreal
Year founded: 2017


The Wander-Full Jew is a new and ambitious project that connects between generations and communities around the Jewish world through a series of plays for young audiences about the lives of ten world-changing Jews, exemplary and educational figures whose both their Judaism and their work have made a significant contribution to humanity.

A theatrical format consisting of a series of plays, The Wander-Full Jew is centered around a Passover Seder convened by Avraham Avinu (Abraham), the first monotheist, who bears an important message: he was understood wrong by all; the idea of One God is meant to unite people, when in fact they are only being divided. He invites the ten Jews who have changed the face of history, from Spinoza to Einstein to Freud and up to the only seder guest who is still alive - Mark Zuckerberg. Each character presents its life in a format similar to Ted talks, alongside video clips, and flashbacks from meaningful moments of its life. What happens when such great personalities from the past come back to life? What is their credo in the world they left behind? Was this world the one they thought to have? Did we misunderstand them? What do they want to convey to people today?

These are small, portable shows that can be displayed in any hall, school, yeshiva, synagogue, or a congregation with a young audience. The youth will relate to the funny, exciting, and emotional show on stage while learning about the lives of important Jewish figures in human history, and creating a sense of pride and belonging to the Jewish people.

In the next phase, each community will be able, under the same format, to produce plays on its own local cultural heroes and thereby strengthen the connection between members of the community. With the aid of this series of plays and a supportive system of planning and review, we will expose the young generations to the rich cultural world of the great Jewish figures.

We are asking for initial funding in order to produce the first show that will serve as a prototype, making it easier to present later shows in yeshivas and high schools and to connect religious and secular Jews in Israel and abroad.

No grants received yet


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