The aim of our leadership programs is to harness participant's energy and empower a new generation of committed activists who have the knowledge, skills and experience to implement social change beyond the program itself, but for the social justice issues they will come to identify with.

Location: Tel Aviv
Year founded: 2006


Founded 2006, B’Tzedek is an Israeli non-profit organization. Our mission is to help people committed to progressive social change develop their leadership capacity, through immersion and other programs in Israel and elsewhere, so they can effectively tackle complex local and global social problems, grounded in their values and vision, with clarity, empathy, ambition, resilience, and power. B’Tzedek uses a combination of real-world engagement with social problems, experiential learning, travel, formal learning, workshops and site visits. Based partly on Harvard University’s “Adaptive Leadership” model, we specialize in service learning programs in Israel, India and Jordan. Whilst the program enables individuals to develop their leadership capacity so they can effectively tackle complex, local and global social problems with clarity and vision, the program has also achieved systemic change and meaningful difference to the actual lives of people who live in each of these regions. We offer a variety of programs geared towards young adults who are enthusiastic and excited to be active in 'Tikun Olam'. The aim of our leadership programs is to harness participant's energy and empower a new generation of committed activists who have the knowledge, skills and experience to implement social change beyond the program itself, in whichever area they choose. LIFE: (Leadership and International Fellowship Experience) is a nine month internship-based career and leadership development program for young adults from Israel and the Jewish world. The program takes place in both Israel and India and is designed to cultivate a cadre of young Jewish and Israeli activists who are committed to social justice, and equipped with highly developed leadership skills. LIFE participants have an unparalleled opportunity to make a real difference by tackling projects according to their interest with leading NGOs, social businesses and government agencies. They engage in professional work in the fields of program development, public policy, evaluation and capacity building. Participants gain real-life experience, learning about and working with weak and vulnerable populations in India and Israel. Experiences in both countries enable them to broaden their global lens as leaders for social justice. The program helps them to find their ‘voice’, develop their leadership capacity, and bring focus to the next steps to meet their vocational goals. TEN-B’Tzedek: Operating since 2012 in partnership with the TEN project of the Jewish Agency, this program engages eighty Jewish young adults from Israel and around the world each year in a three-month program of volunteering, learning and community service in Hyderabad, India. The program is designed to cultivate a new generation of young Jewish leadership actively committed to local and global social justice, and to helping the Jewish world (both in Israel and abroad) to flourish. TEN-B’Tzedek enables young people to contribute to the field of social justice and to gain a valuable international perspective whilst connecting to Jews from around the world, learning about their heritage and deepening their Jewish identities. This project is unique in that it allows participants to engage in hands-on service work while simultaneously creating, testing and helping to “scale” new approaches, skills and modular units of work that the organization sees as important. One of the projects operating under the umbrella of TEN-B’tzedek is the Sari: Women’s Security Program: Women’s security has become one of India’s urgent social challenges. Based on requests from Indian partners, we plan to address this problem by drawing on Israeli expertise to empower women, to help them develop “street smarts”, and provide self- defense skills against a potential attacker. Our Indian partners have existing capacity to adapt and implement this program, training and supporting young Israeli and international Jewish volunteers to participate. Based in Hyderabad, B’Tzedek aims to develop a model that can be replicated and scaled throughout the country, reaching millions of Indian women. Music for Change: Seeks to combine music and social justice to create a better society. Musicians have historically been key players in encouraging and giving voice to social change, but today’s musicians have become lost in commercial success and technology. Music for Change sets out to ensure that the next generation of musicians are active and effective leaders of social change. Twice a year, B’Tzedek will select five talented and socially committed bands from around the world to participate in a five month program in Israel and India where they will learn, work, practice and perform together, combining music with activism. The first ten days will be based at a leading Israeli contemporary Music School, followed by four months of volunteering and musical training in India, the closing with ten days in Israel. Participants will develop their musical ability through a structured process of master-classes with some of the world’s greatest musicians. They will learn about social problems and how to navigate and leverage the music industry to become role models and leaders of social change. Middle East - Regional Leadership Fellows: The Middle East is witnessing rapid social, cultural and political upheavals. A downwards cycle of stereotyping and violence has deepened distrust and isolationism among key communities that have a shared fate: Israel, Palestine and the Arab world. To avoid being held captive by each community’s extremist voices and stereotypes, we need leaders who can help us engage with each other, and break through the sense of impasse. They would offer an alternative vision of shared living in the region. Our goal is to cultivate leaders who, through personal example and exceptional leadership in their work-place and communities, advance a compelling vision for the often silenced mainstream to adopt. The Regional Leadership Fellows program will train and support ‘Intrapreneurs’ from these three communities who work in NGOs, government and business. The Fellowship will work at the individual, in-group and cross-nation levels. Fellows will have the vision, drive and skill to initiate and create change within their organizations, and communities they are part of. To cultivate and support this new leadership, B’Tzedek will partner with additional institutions in the region. The program will comprise of in-depth learning, leadership development workshops and mutual visitations (including cross-border visits to and from Jordan). Each Fellow will take on a practical project to implement within his/her organization, acting as a role model for others to follow, and be supported once the program is completed to enhance and amplify their leadership journey. We are seeking grant funds to either help defray the cost for potential participants and to support the resource capacity of the programs directly.

No grants received yet


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