Yaffed (Young Advocates for Fair Education)

In New York, around 50,000 boys in Hasidic yeshivas are being robbed of their right to basic instruction in English, math, science, and history. Yaffed works to ensure educational equality for all ultra-Orthodox children through community organizing, awareness-raising, and legislative advocacy.

Location: New York , New York
Year founded: 2012


Yaffed is committed to improving secular education within ultra-Orthodox schools.

In New York, around 50,000 boys in Hasidic yeshivas are being robbed of their basic right to an education. After a full day of only religious instruction, boys under the age of 13 receive 90 minutes of instruction in English and math. No other secular subjects are offered. After age 13, they stop receiving secular education altogether and devote their time exclusively to Judaic studies. Nearly 100% of Hasidic boys leave high school with no diploma and without the tools to pursue one.

We fervently believe that every child is entitled to a fair and equitable education and we encourage compliance with state guidelines while maintaining respect for the primacy of Judaic studies and the unique values of the ultra-Orthodox community. Our mission is to ensure that all students receive the critical skill sets needed for long-term personal growth and self-sufficient futures.

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