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“Art and Emuna- the center for Jewish Art” serves as a focal point for the orthodox religious artisan struggling to produce their art in a non religious invirornment. We believe that by spreading art we can bridge the gaps between conflicting sectors of the Israeli society with Jerusalem

Location: Jerusalem


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art and emuna- the project for the orthodox jewish artist


.In recent years we have witnessed many artists and performers from the religious sector of the Jewish populace who choose to work in the many fields of art, but are faced with many challenges. They are exposed to many difficulties which include unfamiliarity of their culture, minimal resources, few grants and funding, and lack of professional knowledge.

Aside from all this, the religious artisan is forced to contest with an environment which lacks understanding of their way of life and often stigmatizes their approach to art. They are faced with a dilemma to pursue art and face the challenges set by the animosities of society, or reluctantly abandon their dreams. We aim to give them the proper tools to handle the challenges of modern day artists.

The solution

"The center for Jewish Art"

The initiative of the center is a religious artisan's community oriented base which serves a wide range of the religious communities' artisan's. From plastic based art, to dance, music, theater, poerty, painting, pottery and film, all whom have a foothold in the modern world of Jewish art.

Our goal is to allow them to advance their art by giving them the necessary nurturing environment needed. From marketing to legal aid to networking, our “Toolbox” serves to progress the religious artisan and incorporate their art in the Jerusalem art community.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The aim of the project is to strengthen the orthodox jewish and relisious artisan in the Jerusalem community by providing professional guidance by experienced staff members. Many of the artists lack basic skills to properly produce, sell, market, or make their art aware amongst avid art fans.amonst those artists are included drawn art, theater, dance, poetry, cinama, etc.

Our program advances their artistic initiatives, through the toolbox- which is a program to develope the arisist professionally and future employment

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Program Description

Our program advances their artistic initiatives, through the toolbox- which is a program to develope the arisist professionally and future empoyment

.methodology :

  • Professional development , courses, and mentoring classes

2) realistic practices to develop their business aspects and showing them how to profit from their works of art. Exposing them to additional collectors, clients, and potential investors

3) producing a finals project: each artist will make a short film breifing future investors or funding.

4) escorting the artist through future indevors, creating a communal networking program, as well as mentoring.

The duration of the course is one academic year, and the follow up guidance in the artist community, is once a month.

Building and structuring the community as a social network, by aiming to strengthen those who have finished the course

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Demonstrated Need

Examples of need:

In the past, the haredi orthodox community were rarely exposed to culture and art, and recently we have witnessed a development in the religious community in that field, and has come to demand unique and quality art and culture. The film segment has especially developed in the recent years. Many artist have expressed their frustration and discouragement, do to the fact that their surrounding environment did not allow proper production of their work.

Many of them have based their income on producing and selling works of art, and due to their inability to properly market and manage their work. Not only that, but art and culture has proved as a fertile ground for bridging between the different gaps of Jerusalem's sectors .

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Program Accomplishments

Past achievements:

The “Art and Emuna” project has provided many courses to artists, as well as art exhibits on a regular basic, in different galaries, in intent to show their artistic abilities and connect with the art world.

Examples of our project: “between holy and unholy” art exhibit showing 30 artists from the orthodox Jewish community.

“The Jewish dance” week. A show of dance ensambles of Orthodox Jewish women in theaters

Weekly courses and lectures

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How do you measure the success of your program?

Measure of our success:

Our goal was to raise awareness of art and culture throughout the orthodox jewish community. We have witnessed how many have become aware through newspapers, radio, and media coverege within the orthodox world. All exhibits were packed with people discussing this new trend in the community.

In the toolbox project- each artist finishes with a brief film used to benifit their business goals. Each artist will be given marketing strategies. The “toolbox” project is a new project, but the previous courses and lectures were vital inspiration to continue our success, and this due to the fact we saw many artist using their art to communicate tolerance and understanding between different sectors of society.

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