Zioness Movement

The Zioness Movement activates and empowers progressive Jews and Zionists in their participation in social justice movements for all marginalized communities, without checking our Zionism at the door.

Location: New York , NY
Year founded: 2017


The Zioness Movement launched in mid-August in response to the narrative on the radical left that Zionists cannot be feminists and progressives, and that we must check our innate characteristics at the door when we commit to participating in the important social justice movements of our time. Since August, we have marched in three events - the Chicago SlutWalk, the NYC M4RJ (March for Racial Justice), and the January 20th and 21st Women's March and sister marches nationwide. While highlighting and opposing the very visceral anti-Semitism inherent in the position of those who alienate progressive Jews and Zionists from the left, we have, more importantly, stood strong and proud as Jews and Zionists for the issues of justice and equality that are so important to us and our personal visions of tikkun olam.

We have been covered extensively in the media (see all coverage here) and have been incredibly successful, in only a few short months, in inspiring and empowering liberal progressive Zionists across the country to reengage in social and economic activism to better our communities, both Jewish and non-Jewish, and society at large. We have published on the movement (here and here), articles which have been reaching our demographic and bringing proud activists to reach out from dozens of cities around the country and even the world, asking to start Zioness chapters. It has truly been an incredible few months - with unbridled potential in the months and years to come.

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