ChaiVillageLA is a vibrant, multi-synagogue, multi-generational community that enables members to age in place in their own homes by providing assistance to one another and enriching each other's lives, as part of a self-governing village supported by Jewish values.

Location: Beverly Hills , CA
Year founded: 2015


ChaiVillageLA (CVLA) is part of the rapidly growing Village Movement--a social venture of neighbors helping neighbors to continue living in their homes and communities as they get older by providing the programs, services and resources people need to live healthier and more engaged lives. While there are over 200 villages nationwide, CVLA is the first (and to-date only) village built on a foundation of Jewish values, including gemilut hasadim (compassionate action), tzedakah (economic justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world), kehillah (community) and bri'ut (health and well-being).

Facilitated through an innovative partnership between two LA synagogues -- Temple Emanuel and Temple Isaiah -- members of ChaiVillageLA have joined together to provide each other with programs, services and resources which enable them to live healthier and more engaged lives. Members commit to contributing time and effort to the maintenance and thriving of the village by leading programs, serving on committees, working in the office, or helping fellow members needing assistance (e.g., by providing rides to the doctor, visits with bowls of chicken soup, check-in calls, computer help, and assistance with small household repairs). All of the social, educational and Judaic programs that make up the life of the village (e.g., interest groups, art and photography classes, author nights, volunteering at local schools, community seder...) are proposed, organized and led by village members.

In a little over one year of operation, CVLA has already made a significant difference in the lives of its members. It is our hope in the year and years ahead to expand membership to include all congregants in the 60+ category and to also disseminate our model to other interested synagogues and faith communities.

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