Community Intregrated Development Association in Ethiopia (CIDA Ethiopia)

CIDA Ethiopia is an indigenous, non-governmental, non-profit making civil society organization, which established by a group of like-minded visionary, dedicated and pledged professionals. Our vision is to make lasting impacts on the lives of vulnerable women, children and youth in the community.

Location: Addis Ababa , Oromia State
Year founded: 2017


CIDA Ethiopia has registered as a charity organization with having the registration Number 0481 by Oromia National Regional Government of Justice Bureau in accordance with the charities and societies registration proclamation No. 312/59 and Article No. 404 civil code of Ethiopia.

CIDA Ethiopia prioritize its programs, which have multiple positive impacts and optimistic change in contributing to the national common efforts and ensuring sustainable development goals to make lasting impacts in the lives of community. Thus, to equip, empower and transform the lives and livelihoods of these most vulnerable women, children and youth in the community via participatory, integrated and holistic approach, CIDA Ethiopia programs mainly focus on Education, Health and Agriculture. 

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