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The State of Jerusalem is a webzine that takes ownership of the story of the city by reinventing local journalism. Our vision is to create a wide platform in three languages for Jerusalem creators that will amplify their voices both in Jerusalem and worldwide.
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The Monthly Story


“The Monthly Story” is The State of Jerusalem’s main web series. Once a month we pick a topic and create a meticulously produced and thoroughly investigated video story that is relevant for our urban community.

The aim of The Monthly Story is to shed light on people and stories that are overlooked by the mainstream media but are highly important for Jerusalem.

We highlight stories of inspiring people and critical topics such as racism, and corruption, but also carefully unpack issues of identity and social divides. Since the aim of this series is to create discussion and empower our audience, even when the story we tell is difficult, even bleak, we find a way to invoke optimism.

Once a month we hold an evening in the Mifael where we screen the episode and facilitate activities around the theme of the story.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The Monthly Story's mission is to invoke discussions about overlooked stories.

For instance, our 2nd episode was about the first woman in Jerusalem to come out on social media about the person who raped her. We picked her as an inspiring person because many women pointed her out as the person who gave them courage to talk about situations they felt threatened or assaulted.

Our most recent story -- about problematic real estate deals in Rehavia, Nayot and Talbiya that might force about 1500 families out of their homes -- is already making waves and holds powerful figures in the city accountable to this situation.

Through our monthly events, we hope to develop a strong community that is capable of tackling together difficult issues by sharing ideas and discussions.

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Program Description

Our program is a monthly web series about overlooked stories in Jerusalem.

Every month we pick a different topic or inspiring person and tell their story.

The main beneficiaries of the Monthly Story are our audience who receives empowering content about Jerusalem.

Oftentimes, there are direct beneficiaries. For instance, in the story we made about Shula Mola we directly empowered and underlined her work in bridging and encouraging between Jewish and Muslim educators and high schools in the city.

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Demonstrated Need

Please notice the General Demonstrated Need in The State of Jerusalem

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Program Accomplishments

The Churchland Affair, the first Monthly Story, was published in November.

In less than a week, the story reached over 15,000 people and our social media engagement grew by 25%

The story was shared by top Israeli journalist such as Tal Shenider (Globes) and Guy Zohar (Channel 10).

Our event turn out was of 80+ people

We were able to get responses on the topic from mayor Moshe Leon and Deputy to the Director of the JNF Moshe Deri who is also involved in the story

We published supplementary content about the story such as an article about Jewish-Christian relations in the city, a short clip of mayor Moshe Leon’s response, and in depth article about the land story and daily photos.

The Monthly Story format is a rebranding of The State of Jerusalem main program thus far. See the Accomplishment of the State of Jerusalem for a full description of our accomplishment until now.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

Our success is measured in our ability to impact the discourse in Jerusalem.

Therefore there are few critical measures to our success:

* The size of our audience -- the amount of people exposed to The Monthly Story

*Involvement of the audience -- we want our viewers to be active both by creating an online discussion, suggesting ideas for stories and turning out to our events

*The diversity of our audience -- The Monthly Story aims to be relevant to young adults in Jerusalem from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our ability to reach these audiences is a critical measure of our success.

The Monthly Story program is the outcome of a 3 month audit we did to the State of Jerusalem.

In order to grow our audience we need to create fresh relevant content continually, build an attractive platform for audience engagement, and market it to diverse audiences.

In the past year we made a huge leap forward in terms of the quality of our content but we weren’t able to do it systematically and regularly. During the summer of 2018 we audited our work and identified challenges that have to do with organization, branding and marketing. Therefore in the past 5 months we  made big changes.

1) We rebranded our main web series as The Monthly Story, and began to produce quality video articles on a monthly basis supplemented with additional content such as text articles, daily photo, blog, shorter clips and more.

2) We redesigned our website anew

3) We boosted our social media presence by 400% (mainly instagram and facebook) and our reach is growing rewardingly by 25%

These changes allow us to now also focus on tapping into new and diverse audiences. Should we receive the Natan Grant we will use it to specifically catering our quality content to a wider range of audiences.

Our goals:

*Size: We aim that by the end of 2019 the community of The State of Jerusalem's Monthly Story will grow into a minimum of 100,000 monthly unique visits to our website.

*Involvement: Over 80 people turn out to our monthly event

*Diversity: Increase our Arabic and Haredi speaking audience to 30% of our online community

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