Center for Exploring Judaism

The Center for Exploring Judaism is a place where anyone wishing to explore Jewish life is welcome. Couples and singles alike are invited to take our courses, receive guidance and counseling, and join our community. We are grateful for the chance to welcome newcomers to Judaism in any capacity.

Location: New York City , NY
Year founded: 2010


CEJ endeavors not just to help introduce Judaism--in a lively, substantive, welcoming way--to those who want to understand more deeply what the tradition means and involves, but to be there for families when it comes to weighing Jewish life in an interfaith relationship. We do not actively advocate conversion, but are available to guide those who choose it, while focusing mainly on exposing people to the joyful, powerful foundations of what it means to be Jewish.

Our philosophy is that the vitality and future of Judaism is linked to how we welcome new people into our community, and our approach reflects this. Our students enjoy the benefit of a non-judgmental atmosphere, a holistic program, and a caring and encouraging staff.

We believe the borders of the Jewish community are not fixed. We are privileged to augment our numbers with those attracted to our tradition and teachings. As such, we are fearlessly inclusive. We are thrilled to cater to anyone who has the courage to come through our doors. We show a remarkable openness to those who want to join our ranks—conversion or not. Our Jewish past validates this behavior; our future depends on it.

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