ANU - Connect to Change

ANU connects the public with decision makers and promotes a vibrant democratic engagement. ANU supports and initiates local and national campaigns to boost equality, social justice, economic fairness, pluralism and environmental sustainability.
Location: Tel Aviv ,
Year founded: 2003


The media is a powerful tool that shapes public opinion and influences decision-making processes. Through cutting-edge media and online activism tools, ANU amplifies the voices of civil society ensuring that striking issues such as equality, social justice, economic fairness, pluralism and sustainability are placed as a priority on the public agenda. ANU’s name (“us” in Hebrew) is a call for collective and collaborative action: together, visible and empowered. Our work includes the Free Digital Activism Platform for activists and local leaders to scale-up their campaigns, mobilize people and unite forces; High-profile online and offline campaigns in partnership with nonprofits and leaders in the field. ANU also offers media and PR training to community leaders, minority groups and social justice organizations, teaching them interviewing skills, writing Op-eds and building viral messages. ANU is also the founder of The Women’s Media Center Israel (WMCI), an innovative hub of women journalists and feminist activists that seeks to increase women’s power and influence in and through the media; and Arab Source, an online database of Arab experts in their field that actively encourages editors and producers to increase the voices of Arab professionals in Hebrew language mainstream media. ANU’s model is based on strategic change-making public campaigns in the form of quick and flexible response and initiation. It employs technological advances to build and engage a large community of activists. Successes fuel the next campaigns, while failures are regarded as important lessons for improvement.

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