A Bit Off the Top

In four years, A Bit Off the Top has successfully created more than 160 out-of-the-box Jewish identity programs in Montreal. Its creative team of professionals, grassroots leaders and Jewish thinkers have catalyzed a city-wide movement that regularly draws local and international attention.
Location: Montreal , Quebec
Year founded: 2010


A Bit Off the Top is a venture cultural-capital program incubator specialized in collaborating with grassroots groups and individuals to generate innovative Jewish programs that are meaningful to the less-affiliated Jewish Millennial and GenXer in Montreal. A Bit Off the Top is passionate about taking risks and creating out-of-the-box opportunities for young adults to explore issues of Jewish identity while working diligently to deliver unexpected and relevant models for Jewish-living in the Digital Age. Our mandate is to shift the local Jewish young adult's paradigm of Jewish living from "Checked-out Judaism" to "Check-it-out Judaism" all the way to "Checked-in Judaism". Having been awarded numerous grants from leading philanthropies across Canada, the U.S. and Israel, A Bit off the Top seeks-out visionary partners to test dynamic new ideas that highlight unique engagement models. Outside-grants provide us with international leverage to sell our ideas and secure local funds. With this kind of support, we push the programming boundaries and generate new, broadly inclusive opportunities to explore identity expanding the definition of Jewish community in Montreal.

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