Tzabar Parents

Tzabar parents is a unique grassroots organization for young Russian speaking immigrant families. Our aim is to lead innovative educational projects strengthening Jewish continuity and connectedness to Israel as well as raising awareness for bicultural integration based on creating social network

Location: Rehovot
Year founded: 2012


We are Tzabar Parents, Israel based grassroots NGO, created by a unique team of like-minded Russian-speaking Jewish mothers, who were born and raised in FSU, made Aliya, granted higher education, settled their own families and now are raising native Israeli-born kids, “Tzabar” in Hebrew. Tzabar Parents aims to be social, professional and intellectual address to parents and educators in the fields of Jewish & Israeli culture and identification among young families. We share deep concern about Jewish values and practices. Our leaders and staff have years of experience in Jewish informal education and community work. All of us are of Soviet-Jewish cultural background and have Russian as a mother tongue. Our strong sides are creativity, professionalism, passion and commitment to a long-term success. Wide professional and personal network in Israel and abroad helps us in granting as much resonance as possible. We are developing and performing informal education programs. We target Russian speaking Jewish families who made aliya from FSU to Israel since 1990 to nowadays (parents aged 25-40 and their kids aged 1-12) and educators in Israel, who live with mixed identity and have difficulties being affiliated in existing community life due to a lack of traditional Jewish background. We let our audience become aware and proud of their unique cultural identity. Our activities help families start being more Jewish. By cooperation, learning and enjoying we fill in the growing gap between generations, strengthen the connection with Israeli culture and, as a result, create and maintain sustainable community - a safe place to share and resolve practical and cultural issues. We are passionate about: -Strenthening Jewish continuity and connectedness to Israel among young immigrant Israeli families -Raising awareness for bicultural& social integration dilemmas in Israel -Creating social network of young immigrant families, providing them with a positive Israeli Jewish experience and facilitating of sharing their unique identity &cultural dilemmas
Mishpedition-educational family journey


Mishpedition (Mishpacha +expedition )is our new unique educational and social project that offers Young Russian-speaking Israeli families to explore Jewish community and history  and to connect to their roots. 

The project is a week long family journey to Lithuania for Russian-speaking Israeli families with children who are 8-12 years old.

One of our key values is continuity and educational process, therefore after their return the families will take part in a series of "Pay it Forward" activities during our  Israeli Jewish holidays family events ,  a part of Tikun Olam, paying it forward to our community and Israeli society. 

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The main purpose of this program is to connect Israeli Russian-speaking families to the Jewish communities outside of Israel, and to give them an opportunity to explore their roots together, as a family. 

Another purpose is to create an opportunity for the families to engage in a volunteering  community activity as whole, giving an equal place to children as well as to parents, while celebrating Israeli Jewish holidays and connecting to Jewish values. 

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Program Description

"Mishpedition" is week long (8 days, 7 nights) family journey to Lithuania during the summer school break. The program is unique and specifically created to fit the needs of families with children who are 8-12 years old by our professional educators team alongside the local partners in Lithuania, who will provide logistical and technical support. The program will include visits to synagogues and museums, meetings with a group of local Jewish families of similar age, volunteering activities and Kabalat Shabbat etc.

The families will expand their Jewish identity while exploring local Jewish history and culture and getting to know and volunteering in the local Jewish community and back in Israel, where we aim to create a positive experience for the young Russian-speaking families by giving them an opportunity to volunteer for the community in the context of Jewish holidays. 

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Demonstrated Need

More and more organizations offer Israelis different opportunities to explore their roots, though most of them are created for students or young adults, sometimes children. 

We offer a unique approach that gives a family an opportunity to explore their identity as Russian-speaking Israeli Jews together - parents and children in a carefully thought through and friendly environment. 

Israelis are a traveling nation, many families travel together during the school holidays. We created an option that allows the families to have a great family vacation abroad as well as an amazing and meaningful joint adventure, that will allow them to learn a lot about themselves and their family members. We believe that this project will be a very successful one since Russian-speaking families are always looking for a deep content and  meaningful activities for their children during the holidays, and what we offer is unique and specifically built for our target audience. 

Another aspect of this project is volunteering, and unfortunately, volunteering in Soviet culture was often perceived as something negative, especially since all the volunteering activities were not really voluntary in the communist society. Even though most of the families we work with made aliya many years ago, and their children were born in Israel, they still carry these cultural codes that say that volunteering is mostly a waste of time.

We strongly believe that by creating an opportunity for the families to volunteer parents and children together in a very positive and non-formal atmosphere, in the places and with the audiences they chose themselves, we will help them change the way they look at giving to the community and create their own giving opportunities. 

Another goal of this project is to change the involvement of  Russian-speaking Israelis -to more active one.Seeing a group of young Russian-speaking families volunteering will hopefully change this perspective and give another families a role model? suggesting ways to volunteer and to be socially active as a family.

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Program Accomplishments

The first pilot group of 45 people (12-15 families) will travel to Lithuania in July 2016. 

Though we already started implementing the "Pay it Forward" part of the project for our active families. Recently we ran our first event which was very successful. A group of Russian-speaking families came together to make Chanuka presents to the veterans club in Ramat Gan during the last Chanuka holidays. The gifts were purchased with the money we raised at our Sukkot event community market earlier this year. 

There are volunteer activities planned for TuBiShvat, Purim, Pesakh, Shavuot and Rosh HaShana this year, and the following year as well.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

After the first pilot group will return we plan to evaluate our project by asking the families to fill out our feedback forms that will indicate the level of their satisfaction with the program content, staff and logistics. 

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