Art Kibbutz

Art Kibbutz is an international Jewish artists' residency, community and hub - the only Jewish residency in existence today that fosters the creation of individual and collaborative projects that connect art in all of its disciplines with our Jewish heritage.

Location: New York , NY
Year founded: 2011


Mission & Vision

Art Kibbutz is an international Jewish artists' residency, community and hub. Its mission, as the only Jewish residency in existence today, is to create: (1) a community among Jewish artists of all ages, affiliations and nationalities in an inspiring and peaceful space where they can work together and explore the richness of the Jewish heritage that informs their creative process and (2) innovative individual and collaborative projects that connect art in all of its disciplines with our Jewish heritage.


An inspiring, transformative, and peaceful work space and hub for Jewish artists (and non-Jewish artists who are interested in working in a Jewish environment) of exceptional talent to connect, create, and publicly share their art.

Art Kibbutz is an international community that is redefining the role of Jewish art and artists in society. We are creating a new and replicable model for connecting Jews to one another through art.
- Creating new models for connecting artists with one another and with the community
- Bringing Jewish responses through the arts into the most important discourses of our time
- Engaging artists in their individual and collective capacity to explore social justice, environment, identity, historical, and other meaningful Jewish issues
- Recruiting, organizing, training, and supporting creative catalysts and multiplicators
- Nurturing and empowering a socio-economically diverse group of individuals
- Partnering with 20 best-in-class cultural, volunteer, religious, environmental, human rights, and social justice organizations
- Building a robust and replicable intentional community residency model
- Creating a socially responsible Jewish artists’ movement for the 21st century

JWPC-AZ Jewish Artist Fellowship


With the JWPC-AZ Fellowship ($3,000 each) Art Kibbutz will create a two-phase residency for 2 deserving Arizona-based artist/s or artist groups. Performing artists (musicians, actors, dancers, et.), writers, poets, and visual artists are eligible. The first phase is a 2-4-week-long Art Kibbutz residency (fellowship) in New York. Art Kibbutz will offer housing, artist studios, Jewish learning/community building sessions, presentation opportunities. Art Kibbutz also connects the fellows with curators as well as exhibition and performance opportunities in New York City’s Governor’s Island, a hub for cutting edge cultural events and festivals (7000 visitors on a regular weekend, 50,000 on festival weekends). Art Kibbutz has residencies in two locations (optional to fellows): on Governor’s Island in NYC (alternative housing through the fellowship allowance) and Pine Plains (1.5 hours from NYC) where we also provide kosher meals, and Shomer Shabbat living space for artists who are looking for a more in-depth studio and work experience in a Jewish setting.

While at Art Kibbutz artists will develop projects that will directly benefit their own home community in Arizona and reach hundreds in audience. Fellows will get support from New York artists, curators, community organizers, activists, scholars, spiritual leaders, and creative thinkers as well as the broadest public through feedback. They will have the opportunity to present work-in-progress on Governor’s Island (even if they stay in Pine Plains).

After a period of residency in New York at which they develop art work relevant to their personal interests, participating artists would work with specific, designated target groups within their home community, including teens, interfaith families, seniors, families with young children and college students to provide interactive programs on relevant Jewish topics. The second phase is a post-residency community engagement artist residency project within their own home community (or another selected community they would like to support). They will interact with the broadest public through lectures, discussions, exhibitions; dance, music, and theater performances, workshops, film screenings, and readings.

Fellowship Phase I price includes: Room & Board in Pine Plains + Workspace + Communal programs including Shabbat and Jewish learning + Networking + Some Art Supplies + Presenting Opportunities in New York’s Governor’s Island. Artist provide for themselves: travel, insurance, spending money, most art supplies.

Fellowship Phase II price includes: Artist stipend + Public Art Program curated by Art Kibbutz benefiting a chosen Arizona-based Jewish communities.


Fellowship Phase I – June - August 2017 : Jewish Artist Residency in New York

Fellowship Phase II – September – December 2017: Public art projects in Arizona

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

Art Kibbutz’s mission is to foster global arts conversation and exchange among artists of exceptional talent in an inspiring and peaceful space they may work, learn and explore the rich heritage of Jewish experience that informs their creative process. Artworks produced by our residents encourage audiences to participate in questioning and understanding the world around them as they experience the artists’ multiple perspectives and shared observations. The transformational experience of participating in a NYC-based intentional community with public interaction empowers creative individuals to become change agents, unconventional educators, multiplicators, and influencers.

Artists and creatives are at the forefront of communicating change, using artistic reflection, dialogue and idea generation. We will learn from the experts, gather insights from Jewish texts, and delve into real-world scenarios that elicit new ideas and instigate collaborations to make it happen. The JWPA-AZ Fellowship will go even a step further by directly helping artists produce public art projects in Arizona locations.

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, Art Kibbutz is one of the largest artists residency programs in the USA. Also one of the very few ones almost entirely driven by volunteers on a shoestring budget. Our down-to-earth, grass roots model has been cited by several organizations as a good example. AK is regularly approached by synagogues, JCCs, and individuals asking for our help to create similar programs. We would like to have the organizational capacity to help them. We are currently working with the JFNA to expand our network to local Jewish federations, as well as local Jewish organizations - hoping that they would duplicate the JWPA-AZ Fellowships that could serve as a pilot project.

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Program Description

To support an artist-in-residency series, a series of
multidisciplinary presentations, and accompanying outreach activities. Two Arizona-based artists will join Art Kibbutz's 80 resident artists to participate in a 2-4 week-long residency
at Art Kibbutz’s two locations on NYC’s Governor’s Island (GI) and at
ChaNorth (Pine Plains, NY). Artists will interact with local artists,
community organizers, activists, and creative thinkers as well as the
broadest public through lectures, discussions, exhibitions, dance,
music, and theater performances, workshops, film screenings, and
readings. Residents will conduct these public art projects during weekly
Open Studios on GI and monthly programs at ChaNorth.

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Demonstrated Need

Art Kibbutz is the only Jewish artist residency program in the world that has served 345 artists from 28 different countries and all over the United States. We subsidize every artist - since most of them are on a limited budget - but many of them are not able to participate in our programming. We would like to expand our fellowships to artists from underrepresented communities - we only had 1 artist from Arizona so far. We would especially like to support women artists - and/or artists working on women's issues. We are very interested in bringing Jewish public art especially to underserved communities and smaller towns that lack resources.

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Program Accomplishments

Art Kibbutz is the only international Jewish artist residency program that exists today and it is located in New York City. Its mission is to provide a meaningful connection to Judaism among visual and performing artists and writers, many of whom have no other Jewish affiliation. Since 2010, and in partnership with leading institutions and dedicated volunteers, Art Kibbutz has engaged 345 artists (ages 16-82, all disciplines, 28 countries) in 6 residencies and 6 prestigious public art projects. Art Kibbutz has been mentioned in the New York Times, has been voted as one of the 50 most innovative and inspiring Jewish organizations in North America and has won the Slingshot Award. In addition, Art Kibbutz is a semi-finalist for the Lippman-Kanfer Prize for Jewish Wisdom.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

We measure the success of our programming and community building through both product (as evidenced in the artists’ creations, many of which are shared at the end of each residency in a public exhibition) and process evaluations (conducted both informally as part of the residency activities, and through written submissions). One of the goals is for artists to produce works of art that contribute to their personal and professional growth. JWPC-AZ Jewish Artist Fellows will not only find community and inspiration, but also help other Jews connect to their identities in non-traditional ways (ex. at open studios, public exhibitions and special events).

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