Bizrael is a revolutionary Israel experience connecting Jewish students and young professionals with Israel’s business and entrepreneurship culture. Bizrael runs full-service trips, an official Taglit-Birthright trip, and custom programs in Israel, as well as an alumni network across the US.

Location: Airmont , New York
Year founded: 2012


As a non-profit organization, Bizrael is led by three entrepreneurs with over 40 years of experience in Jewish programming and Israeli startups. We are passionate about Israel and the Jewish people and helping others succeed in their personal and professional goals. We believe the most powerful way to engage people is connecting with them at their point of interest - therefore we created Bizrael to help business minded (and open minded) young people connect to Israel directly through business and entrepreneurship. Bizrael runs full service programs and custom trips in Israel to learn what, why, and how Israel has become the Startup Nation. Bizrael provides a high-value and unique opportunity to immerse in Israel’s culture of innovation - giving participants a deeper personal connection to Israel and professional knowledge and tools for their careers. In addition, Bizrael has a strong network of alumni across the US and has helped people get jobs, internships, and stay connected with each other, the Jewish community, and the knowledge they gained through Bizrael. Bizrael programs tour the country meeting with pioneers of Israel’s economy. Participants engage in meetings, seminars, and networking events at some of the hottest Israeli start-ups and global companies. In addition, participants learn Jewish values for business and life, connect with Jewish peers, and have a blast seeing a whole new side of Israel. Bizrael runs trips independently, and in partnership with various groups and organization. Bizrael is a tool for all types of Jewish and Israel groups to learn about technology and innovation, through Israel and Jewish peers. Since 2012, Bizrael has organized trips for hundreds of participants from the US and abroad and created partnerships with leading Israeli and Jewish organizations. Bizrael is seeking new partners and supporters to help us grow to meet demand for programs, to bring more people to Israel, expand our alumni network and activities in America, and work with new partners. Through a grant, we will be able to run more programs, give much needed scholarships to interested participants, expand our network, and more. In addition, we hope to gain a partner for advice, consulting, and connections in the Jewish world.
UK-Israel Young Entrepreneurs


The UK Young Entrepreneurs program by Bizrael is a new initiative to connect the UK’s most promising and talented young entrepreneurs to Israel. This is accomplished through a business focused trip inside the “Startup Nation of Israel” where the group will meet and interact with some of Israel’s leading startups, multinational companies, business leaders, and Israeli peers. The trip is just the start of the program, with the goal to build a network and platform to engage young entrepreneurs with Israel year round. In addition to the trip, the program will include follow on activities in the UK such as networking events with Jewish and Israeli businessmen, webinars and video sessions, mentoring opportunities, and more.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

The mission of this program is to be a platform for the UK’s leading young entrepreneurs to connect with Israel and engage with Israel and Jewish entrepreneurs. These people are the future business leaders of the UK (as well as Europe and globally) and will have significant impact on many others in their careers and lives.

By giving these future business leaders a firsthand experience in Israel beyond the headlines and through the lens of business, we provide a new avenue to connect to Israel directly relating to their careers and professional interest. At the same time, anti-Israel (and often anti-Semitism) in the UK is sadly very strong. Connecting people through business is one of the most powerful and effective ways to create Israel advocates who not only support Israel, but actively engage with Israel and Israeli peers.

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Program Description

The UK Young Entrepreneurs program will consist of an 8-10 day trip to Israel, as well as follow up activities.

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Demonstrated Need

The UK has a strong entrepreneurship community, yet Israel is ranked the #1 startup community (outside of Silicon Valley) and is on the cutting edge of innovation in every business sector.Entrepreneurs and young business people in England have much that can be learned from Israel and gained by connecting with the Israeli economy. They are eager for international business experience and to connect with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Moreover, they are the future business leaders that will have a large impact on their companies, British society, and the larger connected world.

Israel and the Jewish people needs new innovative programs to support the next generation of leaders committed to the Jewish people and Jewish state, and this is where Bizrael comes in. Bizrael turns the focus of Israel towards innovation and technology, shining a much needed positive light on Israel.

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Program Accomplishments

In two years, Bizrael has successfully created over a dozen trips including 5 full service 2 week trips, 3 Birthright trips, and 7 custom programs for over 250 people. We have partnered with leading Israeli organizations including Birthright, Masa, Jewish Agency, Hillel, universities, leadership trips, and more. We have worked with mainly Jewish groups, however have also worked with non-Jewish groups including Japanese and South African young entrepreneurs.

Through our experience and background of our team, we are experts at all aspects of trip planning and specifically business trips. We have partnered with an experienced boutique Israel tour company that can take care of all travel and logistics including flights, hotel, bus, food, tour guides and fun activities, and more. On the business side, we know the ins and outs of the Israeli ecosystem and have a vast network. Moreover, we have created many programs before and know how to execute successfully and for high level groups.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

We measure success by the long term impact of our participants. For the UK Young Entrepreneurs trip, success will be based on the impact of the participants and the level of engagement upon their return. We will engage the group after the trip for feedback and monitor their professional growth. We will look for specific goals such as: involvement with Israel advocacy groups in the UK, pro-Israel blogs or articles, creation of pro-Israel clubs or groups on universities or communities, and more. Moreover, we will offer support and connections for them to create new clubs, get involved with the right people, maintain connections with Israel, etc.

To understand the success of Bizrael for non Jewish students and the potential, a perfect example is Tiffany Taylor who came on a Bizrael student trip and wrote about her experiences online here -

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