Yana Brook, CEO & Founder of DANCEGURU: "This organization's an expanded and renovated version of what I've ones experienced - entering the Jewish Family through Dance Door. An incredible feeling of belonging, safety never left me since. I have to bring this magic to others, it's so rare nowadays"
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Year founded: 2012


DANCEGURU uses dance as a tool for Jewish informal education, community building and well-being. We are passionate about dance, but we also know how powerful can it be for bringing people together, creating a community (both spiritually and physically), seeding Jewish values, culture, an image of Israel and, most importantly, a feeling of "shayachut" - the belonging. So we create unique techniques to make this tool work for 100%. And we use it fully. We have [ACADEMIC DANCING] to learn about Israel, using our heads to process and our bodies to move (Workshops on Israeli history, culture & community) We have [CREATIVE DANCING] to create our own understanding of Jewish text or a piece of art, and to share it with others (Dance Midrash) We have [COMMUNAL DANCING] to create a special atmosphere of "together", "belonging" and just to dance together, when we don't need to think or create anything, but just to feel that we are together as people and as the people. (Jewish Fitness & New Horah dancing) Everybody can dance, we believe. So our projects work for people of almost all ages (3-80), of any background, hight, eyes color, faith, sex, beliefs, education and origin. We work worldwide. We speak Russian, English and Hebrew. But also we speak an international language of dance, so we have absolutely no borders. We love people, we love to dance them up and we know how to do this well. We use grants to create teaching materials for Jewish educators and dance teachers all over the Globe to make sure we share our innovative methods and people use them properly.

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