Arnold Unger Foundation for Remembrance, Inc.

The goal of the Dachau Album Project is to mine the album’s rich documentary resources and present the results in an international traveling exhibition, documentary film, on-line exhibition, curricular materials and publications.
Location: Coral Springs , FL
Year founded: 2014


The Arnold Unger Foundation for Remembrance, Inc. requests support for the Dachau Album Project. This project’s centerpiece is a leather bound album brought to the United States in 1947 by Arnold Unger, a teenaged Jewish boy originally from Wieleska, Poland, who was a survivor of Płascow, Natzweiler, Neckar-elz, Asbach, and Dachau prison camps. He acquired the album during the time he spent in Dachau, where he was incarcerated at the tender age of fifteen, shortly before the end of the war. Arnold Unger took his own life in 1972, having never spoken about his wartime experiences or the existence of the album, which lay hidden in a closet. The Dachau Album consists of thirty ink and watercolor drawings depicting life and death in the Dachau Concentration Camp. The drawings were made by Michal Porulski, a Polish Roman Catholic prisoner in Dachau who was arrested in 1939 for his political cartoons, which were critical of the Nazi regime. In addition to the drawings, the album includes several Nazi uniform patches, a swatch of a prisoner’s uniform and over 250 black and white original vintage photographs portraying life and death in the camp during the war and after liberation. The album has been authenticated by Holocaust experts in the US (Dr. Michael Berenbaum among others) and at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, the International Tracing Service at Bad Arolson, Germany, the Bavarian State Archives, and by conservators at the Library of Congress. Through the Dachau Album Project, this extraordinary artifact will become a unique multi-media tool for teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to present and future generations. As the survivor population diminishes, it becomes ever more important to disseminate accurate Holocaust history in all of its complexity. To generate maximum visibility for this album and tell its unique stories, the Dachau Album Project has created a comprehensive plan, including traveling exhibitions, a documentary film, publications and academic materials.

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