Camp JRF

Camp JRF is committed to engaging Judaism and to setting the standard for creating a Jewish camp culture that is open and inclusive of the full spectrum of the Jewish community.

Location: Wyncote , PA
Year founded: 2002


Time and again, parents tell us that they send their children to Camp JRF because we have a shared set of values, we create a safe space for exploration and growth, and we are deeply committed to diversity and to building community. Simply put, we are helping to nurture youngsters who embody “how we be.” Our camp _kehillah_ (community) is made up of all kinds of children and adults, all kinds of families, and all kinds of congregations from all kinds of places. We are a place where kids of different races, cultures, family structures, and practices are celebrated and woven into the very fiber of our being. We have interfaith families; campers and staff of all sexual orientations and gender expressions, as well as those from LGBTQ families; people of color; individuals with special needs; and families from all socio-economic situations. Camp JRF is a joyful and welcoming Jewish youth community that transforms lives. We are looking for grant opportunities that will allows us to continue building this intentional, engaging, open, fun, and inclusive community.

No grants received yet


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