Torah VeDaat

Russian-speaking Jewish community of Atlanta - bringing Russian Jews their Jewish heritage
Location: ATLANTA , GA
Year founded: 2008


We are working hard on providing Russian-speaking residents of Atlanta with opportunities to rediscover their Jewish heritage. We have a Ru-speaking rabbi and a group of volunteers in the community. We have a number of regular weekly classes on various Jewish topics, and conduct on average 1 big monthly event for Russian Jews as well as High Holiday services. We also have an extensive web archive of classes and events. Online classes are also taught in addition to the above. A lot about what we're trying to do can be seen on our web site We are trying to also get various children services such as a Sunday school going, but currently only do sporadic events as we don't have the funds to do it on a regular basis. At the moment we do not have any big sponsors and exist only on the small monthly budget from the montly contributions of some Russian residents of Atlanta. Receiving the grant would allow us to put in place children programming and continue wonderful programming we've managed to establish in the last few years. We also do chupas, bar&bat mitzvahs, pydion haben, circumcions, burials. Our rabbi is being paid a half of his small salary, everyone else is a volunteer, every penny we raise goes to pay for the expanses or to at least a part of the salary to rav Israel Zelman who is the unique asset and the heart of the community we're trying to build.

No grants received yet


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